Itza Chichen

Itza Chichen by Steven ‘fly’ Pratt

… that a Hawk, a Condor
a vulture capitalist
encircling the stone Temple?
Kukulkan we come in

a good morning Solstice sun
casts 9 serpent shadows
back down the Pyramid

of feathered
serpent: Quetzalcoatl
in Chinese dragon year of
2012, tick-tick & galactic

alignment, Ahowl!
21st of Pope Greg’s December
this Venus morn
the Mayan Baktun
long count calendar

counted itself
into a new cycle
at 5:11 a.m, i counted
but lost track at thirteen

Terence Mckenna & Jim
Joyce playing about
my write hemisphere
with twinned

spirit voice:
Ez & Charles Olson
constructin’ scaffolds tward
ma left

Here under Chichen Itza sun
gods meet in tents
the Glyphs & dynastic

histories multiple
brewed into one river
us individuating current

Natural forms & DNA streamin’
washwishing thru geoglyphy
Ez’s ideogramix
Joyce’s cross wordsley

here in seahorse
frog snake vulture tortoise
Venus star jade and Peyote

tale of the tribe
swung by the Yucatan today
some tales were fatted for

snakes, some woven

ancient theology
indigi’ and geni’ study

Mystery dubbled
smoke on mirrors & dates
& hours numbers knots

American stooges & wots
Your epic poem of
All-at-once History
math magix and name games
transfix and go
hunting minds for a fuck
in hot letter flames

solid pictograms stare out
of the greystone faced
eyes and skulls of Mayan
facebook profiles

speech crawling brief
tired and tensely
along glyphic contours

like army ants
contemplating NSA
global data centres from a

–Steven ‘Fly’ Pratt.
(January 20-23rd January 2013)

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