Police Horse Blues

Police Horse Blues by Steve Fly

I woke up one morning

with a horse in my bed

after a hard nights work

this is what she said:

I don’t wanna work for those police no more

Oh no, i just don’t wanna do it

I wanna roam in the lush fileds and grass

not bust up unions for Norman Tebbit

So i brushed up my horse

and took her round’ the course

she ran like the wind

and then she said at the end

I don’t wanna work for the Police no more

they just treat me like a pig

i don’t belong in the city at all anymore baby

like a bear don’t belong in a wig


Then the cops came and got her

carted her off with their trotter

now she’s back on the beat

stompin’ heads with shoes on her feet

Oh lord, that horse don’t wanna work for the police no more

that horse just wants to run free

if it was up to me honey

I’d free dogs from the clutches too,

let em’ all be.

–Steve fly
Amsterdam. Wednesday 15th May.

Inspired by seeing two police horses foaming at mouth while on my way home from work today. Poor bastards, i thought. 

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