W.B Yeats and tinctures within tales

A smidge of insight into W. B Yeats, and a part of his work which resonates with the other great thinkers from  the tale of the tribe. Here we can imagine both taoism and quantum mechanics entangled with the tinctures in Robert Anton Wilson’s Kitchen.

Yeats states that the ‘whole system is founded upon the belief that the ultimate reality, symbolised as the Sphere, falls in human consciousness, as Nicholas of Cusa was the first to demonstrate, into a series of antinomies’ (AV B 187) and refers later to ‘a phaseless sphere that becomes phasal in our thought, Nicholas of Cusa’s undivided reality which human experience divides into opposites’ (AV B 247). Elsewhere Yeats refers to the ‘antinomy of the One and the Many that Plato thought in hisParmenides insoluble’ (VPl 935), and he preserves this Platonic opposition in his duality, though expanding it by association to include, the objective and the subjective, Love and Strife or Concord and Discord, the Solar and the Lunar, and asserts the constant conflict of the two opposites. —http://www.yeatsvision.com/Tinctures.html#Prim

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