the wake of the headless one pt. I and II

Fly: Selected Poetry

by Steven Pratt


the wake of the headless one pt. 1

…posting past to post
first to last longest
header to footer to goal posts
get in

modernisn’t pist on post apocalapse
timespace spice-trading post
pipped at the post by the male ape
adam nohbiginning noh ending
nohawk at the well

the flight of plural bella
goodness in life in love cycles
turning of gyres and the screw
ages and angels and angles new
old to now in cyclic dragon

dew drop fish-eye everything
everywear everybody eve
of construction co-optical
stairway to fireworks display

eternity beyond the senses
behind the veil the viol
all against allness of it
all of it hidden by timespace tricks
past life lines of writing
behind the times but first
place to write shortest
plane line point paper…

the wake of the headless one pt. 2

…notation of the rotation flip it
words and meaning change
they charge off the page off
the gauge unreadable

the rubble of history
the immediate mystory
of itsperience
ticket in hand fleeting
thoughts mixed
no word symbol fixed
unless fixed by a fixionalist

last of the page blast
intwo timespace
mist the boat bus ship
mist everything everythink

primordial mister gas
alchemy entity milkmaid
mother mist mamma mummeries
primal chaos like
mist of potential
coagulate all elements in
human being and keep
spinning the word whys word

eclipse what ‘is’ with em’
a blanket of mist blown
like fairy dust
into the minds of the people
when the mist clears
the past-present-future
are one…

(St)Even Rat Fly
27/8/14. Westerparc, Amsterdam. NL.

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