Integrity Systems and…

Integrity Systems
(a series of feedback loops and spontaneous notes compiled into a sort of wonky review/brainstorm fallout zone, enjoy. Steve)

“Integrity of the individual is what we’re being judged for and if we are not passing that examination, we don’t really have the guts, we’ll blow ourselves up. It will be all over. I think it’s all the difference in the world.–Buckminster Fuller.

A colleague of mine here in Amsterdam gifted me a press-pass to ‘Integrated Systems Europe'( So Yesterday i put on my best hoody and headed over to the RAI exhibition center on the tram, due to the fact i had a press pass i feel it only right to write a review of my 3 hours spent inside.

Flyting: Selected Writings

by Steven James Pratt



“Corporations are neither physical nor metaphysical phenomena. They are socioeconomic ploys — legally enacted game-playing — agreed upon only between overwhelmingly powerful socioeconomic individuals and by them imposed upon human society and its all unwitting members.–R. Buckminster Fuller

–Steve Fly.

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