10 years on facebook

10 years on facebook.

you can see it in my face
i got a message from god
it said thankyou for letting
us have you for 10 years

I feel had
I feel bad for the sad
emoticons ;-(

out of context
the ads and the analytics
the sale and resale of
digital habits
to vultures

the devices and divisive
slices of non-choices between
brexit or remain
trump and Clinton
numb to the pain
swipe on

and all the goodness too
the laughs and funnies
the latest news and gossip
pictures and video
going live
going live

and hot tips on flame wars
griefers and alt righters
girls boys cats dogs
and all those birthday wishes
and virtual hugs

not to moan or rant about facebook
like ranting at the
state that feeds you
or fighting a ghost
up in the clouds
deal with it

face up to the horrible
fact that facebook is a
king mob

the largest mass spying machine
ever made
and what a laugh,
i mean, look and all the funnies
and those quotes
read them
get hip to some clicktavism

and don’t complain on it
just shut up and get off
your face

Steve Fly

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