‘If you push that button, your ass gotta’ go’

…what necessary force

to protect and serve

by pushing the big


those insecure

calling for more security

naturally “protect me

save me, oh mighty one,

say you’ll keep us safe by

pushing the button’

we demand the three

minutes extra life

before we get hit back

on the rebound

equal with the nihilist

terrorist philosophy

‘let’s wipe em’ all out

every last stinking one of em’

plus family and friends

wipe em’ all off the map

Can you feel the flinch

of the people’s trigger finger

quick to revenge slow to forgive

insecure shaved chimps

kicked through Primark

ready to push the button to

save Top Gear

‘It’s fucking end times

quick act’ i hear em; scream

kill kill kill

It’s not often that

a relatively honest bloke

becomes a politician, even

less often with a chance to

lead the country

I find myself

agreeing with the chorus

most of the time

‘they’re all the same,

they’re all liars

But no


Corbyn seems honest

to me

smart, and a man who’s

keep his word,

and experienced with world culture

knows how to make peace

through communication

He’s a poet too

i ask, who was the last

Tory to have a conscience

capable of poetry?

‘push the button’

what a wuss’ they cheer

how about you pull the trigger

Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues

by Mr Steven James Pratt

Link: http://a.co/7KhqHcL

of a loaded gun pointed at an

infants face, or you’re own

mother gets her throat cut and

head removed in front of you

and the infant?

the ‘will you push the button’

metaphor for mass murder

typified the Tory fetish

for drama.

Cant be easy for a human

being with a soul still intact

to murder, that most sacrilegious act

and furthermore the passive

complacency of your

tacit support of arms deals

and not free school meals

makes me sick to my stomach

drone strikes and suicide

bombings are equally acts of


what ever happened to

gentleman’s combat

fencing, martial arts, chess?

from a relatively fair

hand to hand contest depending

on physical strength, skill

strategy and a sporting fair

play to pushing buttons and

literally swiping people off

the map

whatever happened to common decency?

since the gun and the bomb and

the nuclear chemical biological warfare

coupled with white washed language

of surgical strikes and precision bombing

the sickness

combat has become a cowards game

pushing buttons, like a modern DJ

no strings or skins or horns in sight

not trying to reason with words

or martial arts but

big powerful buttons that can kill

millions in one go


imagine the most brutal violent

scenes from a movie

with 1000’s of warriors fighting

from a birds-eye view

can you imagine how many

shots stabs and slices it would take

to kill 500’000 men?


‘push the button’

the new slogan of the insecure

the cowards who live in

fear of anybody not them

they would willingly cut off

their own nose to spite their


–Steve Fly, Oosterpark

Amsterdam, 18.00 03/06/2017

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