What if the almanac were the Tesla papers?

What if the almanac were the Tesla Papers?

And McFly was Biff
And Biff’s nephew were Donald Trump
And Donald Trump’s uncle was called John
An M.I.T electromagnetic physics don?

What if the Almanac were the Tesla papers?

What if John Trump got into capers
With Tesla’s secret weapons papers
And went to Malvern in a hurry
To build a bomb, and some radar therapy
Was it covered in the newspapers?

What if the Almanac were the Tesla papers?

And Back to the Trump/Biff future
A plan by the man to sell more arms
What if the USA & UK & Canada
Secretly pursued Tesla’s killingry
While ignoring Bucky Fuller’s plans for livingry

What if the Almanac were the Tesla papers?

What if this little poem was coded
And overloaded with things that exploded
What if the worlds weapons programmes
Nuclear, electromagnetic, high energy laser
And space weapons all stemmed from Tesla’s work?

What if the Almanac were the Tesla papers?

What if, to continue a popular meme
Dr. Emmett Brown was really mean?
And McFly really that Biff guy
And the Flux Capacitor from Tesla’s dream?
I mean

What if, the Almanac, were, the Tesla papers?

What if all humanity deserved a cut of the
Trillions of Dollars and Pounds of profit
Gained from research at Malvern and other
Weapons facilities?
In accordance with Tesla’s free-for-all proclivities

What if the Almanac, were the Tesla papers?

What if John Trump travelled into the future
And created Cambridge Analytica,
To ensure his nephew Donald became Prez
Who sez that’s crazy talk?
Just google John G Trump + Malvern
And ask yourself to wake up and smell the vapours

What if the Almanac, were the Tesla papers?

what if John passed Death-star plans to Reagan?
What if Doc Brown were a charlatan like Fagin
And Elon Musk were using Tesla’s ideas
Free of charge, trips to mars and tiny nano-gears
What if a white devil ruled from Skyscrapers

What if the Almanac, were the Tesla papers?

Footnote A:
Depending on what you know about Nikola Tesla, or have read, and believe? there’s many avenues here to jump ahead of the facts, proposing for instance, that John Trump was secretly continuing Tesla’s work on more exotic inventions, such as time-travel, and exotic weapons, and fucking weather control. If you want to explore this area of the Trump-Tesla connections, be sure to put on your tin-foil hat and watch yer’ heads goin’ in. Folks, there’s a lot of speculation, but the facts are equally sensational, makes for a heady mix. John G Trump, was indeed a technical aide for Division 14 of the National Defence Research Committee, he reviewed and analysed the Tesla papers after Tesla died. Trump was also the director of the British Branch of the Radiation laboratory based at Malvern, the BBRL, which in turn was a part of TRE, the Telecommunications Research Establishment. There’s dozens of cans of worms to turn over, but my can of worms involves Trump and his connection to Malvern, 1942.

Some of the most influential and key figures within British and US intelligence were gathered on and around the grounds of the Old Malvern Boys School, in Worcestershire, UK. Including John Trump, and undoubtably many scientists with a shared interest in the work of Nikola Tesla. Who can estimate how influential Tesla’s ideas were in the second world war, and other conflicts were electricity and energy became weaponised? Once again, there’s a lot of room for speculation, and some people have gone all the way, proposing secret military operations that include deep tunnel projects, space colonies on the moon and mars, and interstellar spacecraft powered by advanced propulsion systems, weapons, lasers, radar. You name it. But it’s the time-travel devices that have really captured the imagination of some contemporary conspirators.

If it takes a wild conspiracy theory about how Donald Trump’s uncle worked on a time-travel technology, that has been used and abused to ensure that Donald became President, and, that the movie Back to the future II” was trying to warn, or prepare us, so be it. Imagine Dr. Emmett Brown as John Trump, who’s using Tesla technologies to send his nephew, Biff, not Marty McFly, back through time to profit from advanced Tesla technologies. Now if Biff is in fact the Donald, and we continue the Back To The Future analogy, then we’re looking for something in the ascendence of Trump to the political kingdom that relates to the almanac? But, instead of an almanac of the results of sporting events, to make bets, win big and take over the world, what i f the almanac were in fact the Tesla Papers? Trump acts in secret, through his uncles old boys circles and manages to feed the technological Tesla almanac and it’s contents to American industrialists, such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, DARPA and more recently Space-X. Musk, let’s not forget, in wisdom named his super advanced car, TESLA. The first movie, Back To the Future was released on July 3rd, 1985. John trump died Feb 28th, 1985.  Death Rays, Trump, Tesla, Time Travel, Malvern and Marty McFly, Oh my.

Some problems, first of all, so what if John was Donald’s uncle, what does that have to do with his personality, even if it’s in the genes as Donald claims when speaking of his rich intellectual heritage (meaning John Trump).  Do all Trumps have a propensity to want to make an ill mannered, belligerent, rude, greed head like Biff, and the 45th president of the United states?  There is a lot of testimony on the web claiming that John Trump didn’t touch the weapons stuff. J Trump was certainly working alongside those who built the bombs and death weapons during the second world war. After the war, we can agree that in public sight he used new high-energy technologies for the betterment of mankind, for medical applications, and ecological projects like treating sludge (Maybe Donald could have used this technology to clean the swamp, rather than drain it?) Meh, it all sounds a bit air-brushed to me, I feel that John Trump was indeed capable of working on weapons. Is a time-machine a weapon?

“A Hymn To Powick” Coming soon….

–Steve Fly.

One thought on “What if the almanac were the Tesla papers?

  1. freaking wow! I just had this thought on my own. I thought, what if Doc was really Tesla, and Biff were Donald Trump? And tRumps uncle took Tesla’s papers after he died and found plans for a time machine and gave information to Donald that let him get rich and showed him becoming the President twice. But it didn’t go his way the 2nd time and that is why he is so freaked out the Biden won.
    Time travel does not always show you the correct timeline.
    Then I posted my idea on Facebook just now. And next I did a Google search on this subject and here I am. WOW!

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