Watching Ducks In A Lake

(More first thought best thought feedback from sitting in the park with a pen)

watching the ducks in the lake

observing older ducks stealing food from young chicks

and a common instinct to share food

at least among their own

ducks seem conservative at times

yet exhibit the instinct to share

Unlike some greedy human ideology based on

gene pool chauvinism competition business


the less common events in the animal kingdom

are captured on film

a mother violently protecting her young

an alpha male taking on another

the extraordinary trumps the usual, the common fact


the anomalies become popularised lies

the loudest rises

the dictator clenches his fist

the cautious sidelined

the thinkers insulted by certainty

only the blind and faithful wave flags

me with the gutter punks, the lowliest of hags


each squark from a chick

like a radar, like a find your friend app

increase in frequency and pitch signals distress

opportunists, and the animal instinct for survival

stealing and deception, a fight for survival

like weasels fighting in a hole


are human no better than animals?

what differentiates the humans from animals?

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