Poverty And Austerity: Some Drugs And Some People

Here we go again. The recent headlines in the UK, concerning drug use by some politicians is to me, a prime example of how ignorant, and strategically confusing the unholy alliance between party politics and party media can become.  

First, stories about cocaine use by prominent Tory politicians, Michael Gove, the main story, followed by one or two about cannabis use. Both lumped together into one of the most misused and abused terms in the English language: drugs. Until the police break down the doors of Superdrug, the term will remain unfit for the purpose of clarity. Fit for exploiting that old damnbiguity.

And so the confusion begins, sweet confusion for the divisive politics and media mayhem. And the lack of any sensible, meaningful statements on specific drugs and doses themselves, and/or the wider social, human picture. The fact, for example, that many drug problems are tied together with POVERTY is lost in the premature ejaculation of the chest beating purists. If you have enough money, enough lawyers, and enough private health care treatment, many dangerous drugs are simply a lifestyle choice, a social habit, with little to no danger of putting yourself, or those around you in danger. Depending on set, setting, and dose. Remember. This goes for both regional, national, and international cultures.  

I don’t want to sound like a drug snob, my position is that all drugs in the right set and setting, and at different dosages can have positive uses, both medicinal and recreational medicines. However, personally speaking, I gravitate toward the mildly psychoactive drugs, those that have a long history of use by humans, and those drugs that are not controlled by intelligence cabals, and dealt by narcissistic arseholes. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

To repeat, poverty and austerity, in combination with illegal drug use in an environment of prohibition and the money-mad wars on some people who use some drugs, fueled by the industrial prison complex, leads to problems. Personal and social. Those, such as some politicians, and some pop celebrities, and the journalists whose job it is to hold them to account, seem to me to inhabit a different world to the rest of us.

Meanwhile, as uncle Terence used to point out, the majority of humans are habitually dependent on sugar, meat and alcohol, although due to social norms, unaware of the fact it maybe a problem, until you remove the thing craved for.

Know your poison, and poisoner. Stay safe. Smoke less, get higher. 

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