Steve Fly Newsletter (Patreon)

Hi, sending warmest regards and sweetest wishes to you, wherever you are…out there in the rapidly transforming world. I’ve stepped up production and output in my gesture of unique entertainment during this next sheltering in place phase, lockdown-two or whatever you call it. Meditation two, the second challenge?  

I’m moved by considerate people who choose extra caution, thinking of others because it makes sense, not waiting to be instructed to act under threat of fine or mandatory laws. I see care and sincere concern bursting out from most people, coming together, contrary to the narrative from the 24/7 media bombardment, division, mistrust, confusion. There’s beautiful, heartwarming humility everywhere, if we can cut through the digital fog of culture wars and break the spell of despair.  

I curated a Youtube Playlist in March) Videos To Help During The Coronavirus, I’m carefully adding what I feel is worthy. Plus, pruning Youtube Playlists with thousands of hours of material, take a look HERE.

I’m still editing that damned novel, amassing appendices and multimedia footnotes, struggling to lift it all and make it cohere when heading into second lockdown challenge. I trust the light hearted side of prose can overshadow the murky side, it feels like a tightrope walk wearing tights on my head. I want to be sure, really sure, that I write what I mean and mean what I write. I’m a little perplexed about how to proceed (print and produce the book as a physical artefact) recently I’ve considered a USB stick to also hold video, audio and images. The plot thickens.

I wrote a small blog entry last week about Artists and their relationship to National Security, HERE. Earlier this month I wrote about coronavirus challenges and possible solutions.

This month I’ve recorded a new series of DJ mixes available here and experiments with JAMM PRO (NinjaJamm APP) screen videos and live video from my bedroom/studio.

Douglas Rushkoff and Grant Morrison on Team Human, take very merry trip together I recommend listening to. Prop Anon interviewed Grant for Mondo 2000 e-zine, waxing lyrical on Robert Anton Wilson, Brave New World…HERE.

John Higgs recently published his Newsletter #23 that bulges with delights and insights, with links to his latest work and gems about RAW and the current conspiracy climate emergency.

Nic Aldeton of Complexity media recently uploaded a new version of the panel discussion between Adam Curtis and Alan Moore (2017) moderated by Michelle Olley, I was present at the event and was lucky to hang with Adam and Alan.

They Came To Starburg is my Halloween horror/comedy (Audio Book) released in 2014. You can stream the Spooken Word here. Happy Halloween.

Here’s some words I excreted last week:

huddle close avoid spikes
like hedgehogs

and toast with common coffee
grounds for peace treaty

autumn is slowing up
heart and mind torn by brexit
sad separation

covid autumn
moon and stars mask
uncertain cloud

take a long walk
awake to the simple things
you’re never alone

we love the long night
isolation strengthens us
in heads we thrive

leaves and rain falling
magpie and raven ascend
find the others

is a rose a rose
in cruel summer lockdown
water your garden

fig-mulberry poem hides
under maple leaf

Thanks to you for helping keep the wheels turning. I sincerely wish you are staying productive and keeping safe from harm.    

–Steve Fly

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