Not A Bug But A Feature – R.U Sirius

Music by Steve Fly Agaric 23
Video by SatoriD
Lyrics and Kibitzing by R.U. Sirius

Not A Bug But A Feature

We all have a lot of drugs
It’s not a bug it’s a feature
And me I’m easily buzzed
So I can give you a bunch of my drugs

They tell me hugs not studs
They tell me don’t piss in the strudel
But I don’t care for their advice
I’ve got some drugs to make me nice

We’re having too much fun
And all the guns are loaded
And we were born to be wacked
And we were made to attack

We were born inside out
Like in a Cronenberg movie
We have lots of strange drugs
Therefore the whole thing is groovy

Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius

Taken from the ALBUM: Infinite Gesture (A Work In Progress)

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