Lo saturnalia

Lo saturnaliadrink new flesh  news flash equiknocking em back with kwantum mechanixFliegenschwamm through Mukhomor flowing on about many moments drunken bard pist somber past summert' felt like tao-mouche Amen EAT! born from nothing woids into la picene dark mother Earth: early autumnΔtummy full mummiflied earth nourishing dark belly of night Δrise receptive southwestern mother motherplant Weak … Continue reading Lo saturnalia

Once lost now found James Joyce to see daylight

James Joyce's 'last undiscovered' collection to be publishedTen 'epiclets' written after Ulysses in 1923, have been published together for the first time, causing a rift among scholars as to how they fit in to the Joyce canon"Penned by Joyce in 1923, and described by the author as "epiclets", the pieces range from vignettes or sketches … Continue reading Once lost now found James Joyce to see daylight

Steve Fly’s review of The Score by Howard Marks

THE SCORE by Howard MarksReview by Steven James Pratt (Fly Agaric 23)Howard Marks writes fiction with a natural melody and swish turn of phrase, digging deep into his myriad of encounters with all walks he teases out subtle observations and explores the inner workings of the UK crime game and double-cross system.The Score follows DC … Continue reading Steve Fly’s review of The Score by Howard Marks

Panorawma for Robert Anton Wilson (2013)

Panorawma(for Robert Anton Wilson)handcrafted studyin every direction:Robert Anton Wilson’s 360digital artefacts nowfly thru a CHU space, hand drawn appliancesof raw sciencesfresh crafted platforms state-of-the-art in houseto look around use fingers gyroscope, arrows or mousevisit Washington cash spillilluminate, cool offcook listen wash-up go to pot or grill, open calendoor playback answermachineto zoom: pinch or use the … Continue reading Panorawma for Robert Anton Wilson (2013)