T is for TRYDONT 2013

Please, Mr Blair
(now…Mr Cameron)

Again I ask myself (in 2006 and 2013)
Trident of Victoria on a
Two penny peace?

Tridents are manufactured
in Britains BOMB factory!
(Somebody call the POLICE!
Quick, a BOMB factory!
BBC News from 2000

on your coat of arms,
those dolphins, please remove them.
Royal Navy Seals
you do NOTHING but ill to
marine life.

And as far as i know,
give a fuck about
real Lions, or seals!

why not spend the money on
clean drinking water,
adequate food and
some shelters?

livingry for the
BILLIONS of people
around the world and

millions in the UK!

who would want to
terrorize them rather than
what sadistic sons of

may Poseidon and all the Gods and Goddesses
of the ocean curse
the nuke dealers, lobbyists and M.P’s
responsible for Trident

3 thoughts on “T is for TRYDONT 2013

  1. So, after the 30 Billion Trident missile program, Gordon Brown sounds like a peace activist – talking of women and children and lives! what a two faced cheat and liar, as the wars rage on, the economy crumbles and the trident program goes ahead.

    PM to set out nuclear arms strategy

    10 hours ago

    Gordon Brown is to set out a framework for reducing the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons, ahead of international non-proliferation talks next year.

    The Road to 2010 plan is intended to set out a “credible roadmap towards disarmament” by all nuclear weapons states.

    Last week at the G8 summit in Italy, the Prime Minister confirmed that he would be prepared to offer reductions to the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent at international non-proliferation talks called by US President Barack Obama.

    The talks in Washington next spring are intended to pave the way for a review of the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty later in the year.

    The British approach envisages all nuclear-armed countries reducing their arsenals while offering assistance to non-nuclear powers to develop civil nuclear power in return for assurances that they will not seek to acquire the bomb.

    It would also put a new onus on countries such as Iran and North Korea, suspected of trying to develop nuclear weapons, to show that they are not – rather than for the rest of the world to prove that they are.

    Mr Brown has made clear that there was no question of Britain unilaterally abandoning its 160-warhead Trident arsenal or scrapping plans to replace the submarines which launch them.

    However, the launch of the new document comes at a time when he his coming under renewed pressure from within the Labour Party to abandon Trident in the face of looming public spending cuts.

    In a speech earlier this year, the Prime Minister said that there needed to be a “grand global bargain” between the nuclear and non-nuclear powers.

    “The only way to guarantee that our children and grandchildren will be free from the threat of nuclear war is to create a world in which countries can, with confidence, refuse to take up nuclear weapons in the knowledge that they will never be required,” he said.

    Copyright © 2009 The Press Association. All rights reserved.
    The Press Association

  2. Hmm, the plot thickens'…


    “Although HMG and Conservative Party leaders support replacing Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent, the challenge for the next government will not be whether or not to replace the UK's Trident nuclear weapons system — but how to do so in light of severe fiscal constraints.– http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wikileaks-files/london-wikileaks/8305299/SBU-DOUBTS-AND-REASSURANCES-ABOUT-REPLACING-BRITAINS-TRIDENT-NUCLEAR-DETERRENT.html

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