All powers of Europe

For my part thought that AmericansHad been embroiled in European wars long enoughEasy to see thatFrance and England wd/ try to embroil us Obvious that all powers of Europe will be continually at manoeuvreto work us into their real or imaginary balancesof power; J.A 1782 FISHERIES.--Ezra Pound, Canto LXV. Pg 377.J.A = John Adams


Fillosofly FLY AGARIC 23:   Constructivist Synchronicity? I attribute most of my early independent consciousness research to Dr. Robert Anton Wilson and his book 'Cosmic Trigger' in particular; combined with my will to contact some of the entities from that book, and share my findings with friends, family and local community. What happened changed my … Continue reading CONSTRUCTIVIST SYNCHRONICITY: Steve vs. Fly?

B is for Beating: around the Bush:

Really great slice of some of the greatest living American writer's and Satirist's. Brilliant example of the kind of material most European telecommunication monopolies eclipse and sweep under the carpet.Follow the hyperlink for the MP3 of the show!Thankyou Seven Stories press and New York sound Posse for making this GEM available.Acrillic Figa "An Evening of … Continue reading B is for Beating: around the Bush: