TY is for TRANE YOURSELF. Nov. 2003

By Fly Agaric 23.

Fly: Selected Poetry

by Steven Pratt

Link: http://a.co/3of5XFj

The Great hall of records getting
Looted, Dear Lord.
The gods I wonder?

Eye dreamt about a blue one legged
Thunder bolt
Containing one hundred and eight
Coltrane tomes

Ascending through time from
Six days war and plunder.

Sun Ra.
You fuel my Aiwass Ka.
Son of a Knew Biz dressed in
Afro Blue honey beads you color
Mental tapestry with

Razor prose days from the Crescent city
Fill me with joy.
Especially after the rain falls
I can hear the

In a sentimental moog
I rolled up glyphs into cryptic splyffs
Spark up the golden lamp love.

O Sir, is O’Sirius important?
Many strange questions in my dreams about
Cosmic Serpents.
If we are nature’s boy

Then get your evangelical hands off
Our mother’s tomb
Crusader raider.

Place the eye of Horus on the Rekkid.
Nod your Nut.

Cut and Scratch the imagination
With A new configuration, like,
Blowing over the whirled
Inside a Syrian ruebot constructed
Light particles.

Sing 13 Moon invitations
to my Sun sister and heal yourself.
S/he runs between the legs of Nuit to the beat
Of acknowledgement.

Like a sun star satellite you shine on
All Nuit.
Sun of RAMMZISS, awaken.

Blowing Stellar regions through your Reedles
Onto stylus psalm needles.
Sun star groove rider.
A Passion flower-powered Goddess
Of balance.

Precession-guided weapons of love
Dissolve any empire of terror.
Made of a substance beyond a dream
Shimmer you and who’s army?
to the end of the beginning.

Lift the curse from your pursuance with
Ancient sounds.
Hey Wallis Budge over let Jimmy
Take over with,
Acid jewels of love juice.

Gods and dogs talk of
Emerald bullets of pure love.
My tongue spits spackled round Jazz speak like
Cool Daddy cool.
Rewind for the unwind

Love Supreme Council of
Infinity listen up!
Cosmic ambient sounds
Are sacred sentences miles beyond this one.

Trane Your Self.
Re-aim yourself
For the Tranesition.

Hawass KA A.A!
Indialivia Elvin Joanzing

Pyramids capped as we approach the
Witching hour
Of Transformation.

United we can Break
Any calendrical spell.
Dreamcasting wisdom through music

The traveler in soundspirit.
Escape the ape body
And head for the stars.
Where Jukeboxes play
Many of Sun-Ras

Awakening! Hey sweet mama
I hear a new World Coming
From a far off land.

In the Beginning was the Bird of the Nile,
And the Bird was made Flesh.

The Western Lands…
And takes off skyward.
Geometric forms crafted by the wind
Of Reedles in Orphic Horns.

Sonic army’s of moonchild Arkestra’s
Spill out from Jupiter’s moon like gods
On a safari.
Soar upon wings of Kamapa

Jam spore.
The spore of the words.
Folded and imploded
Gusts of Trane
Wrecking havoc.
Shredding time like Dali’
Weaving Illbient Jungle through
A space-time plug whole
The size of Monk’s dream.

Baby oil exchanged for stocks in
Baby flesh.
Pound for Pound.
“Yes the price, the price, we think is worth it.”
Preaches Mad Lynne Allbright.

Tiny lotus sky church gods
Speak to me in
Enochian Jabberwocky.

Next year on April 10th you will see
The Trilogy.
The Bird-headed flaming one
A Dark Star Maker
It’s just a remix of the RAW.

Severn by Severn
Saxophonic ships
Set sale toward
Sextet isles of

Simple soul boats carry the feather
Of an

Get the Zero Pints? Across the hole Galaxy,
N Eye N
Commuted faster than Light.
Frozen spirit of Pan,
Sonic Sperm Seed

Are Astral traveling
With a prayer before dawn.

Oh Pharoah
Speak to us from beyond
Beyond memories of J.C.
Beyond the red black and green
Sand Castles are
Mansion worlds

Pharoah communicates
The entire legend.
The creator has a master plan!
Our Symbolic Sibilant’s have born word
unto the world.

Cosmic musical meditations mark
A Transition for mankind
Toward Interstellar space.
Oh Lord let me do
No wrong this Equinox

Speak low with triangles
And Tinkle bells.
I invoke thee,

The Terrible and Invisible dog,
Who dwellest in the void place
Place of the spirit

Together we can chant down Babylon
With music.
Sweet sweet music.

New Orleans. 30th November. 2003.


Edited and reset Amsterdam December 3rd 2008.

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