Felthead Animation Experiment

Feltheads (bumpkins) are felted heads by Threadonism - shuffled around under some lights and a camera, with audio by steve fly (warming up for a finnegans wake reading) and special thanks to janne. With luck, more to come very soon. Please let us know what you think, how to improve it?Steven James Pratt

Outline for a short film/animation/story?

Raising Mycelium Terence Mckenna awakens from a long sleep, an extraterrestrial mycelim strain enters his corpse and reanimates him.T starts a journey across california to sprinkle the magical mycelium onto the ashes and corpses of  Timothy Leary, Ken Kessey, Robert Anton Wilson and Bill Hicks.Together, the group travel across the USA to Washington in a … Continue reading Outline for a short film/animation/story?