Outline for a short film/animation/story?

Raising Mycelium

Terence Mckenna awakens from a long sleep, an extraterrestrial mycelim strain enters his corpse and reanimates him.

T starts a journey across california to sprinkle the magical mycelium onto the ashes and corpses of  Timothy Leary, Ken Kessey, Robert Anton Wilson and Bill Hicks.

Together, the group travel across the USA to Washington in a yellow bus, taking on the presidential race, the war on some drugs, immortalists, scientologists and fundamentalists of all denominations under the sun.

Upon reaching Washington the group of countercultural zombies stage a psychedelic rock concert. Soon drawing the attention of government officials, the zombies have a stand off with the police, arguing their case on human rights, zombie banks, the war on some drugs, and the death of satire.

The group retires to a new Millbrook in 2013, so developing Artificial General Intelligence and a new open source school for hopen learning, O’pen research. A radiodio show, open-circuit TV, broadercasting services, alive performance space, study area squared, Kitchen Itza, Mu-music rooms.

–Steven ‘fly agaric 23’ Pratt.

Dr Marshmallow Cubicle
Radio Free Amsterdam
Temple Dragon Band
Garaj Mahal

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