Heathcote Williams and hard poetic critical trews

After watching the much hyped latest episode of Question Time i quickly fixed up proper with Heathcote Williams, my new fav. UK poet-rebel. Williams can say in a 3 minute poem what would take a question time guest a decade to communicate (perhaps the comedian could keep up?) further evidence to me that poets hold the key to understanding politics, and Heathcote Williams speaks for Billions of people around the world with his critical prose. Lets hope that more people hear and read him, especially those in the UK.

I would highly recommend his work titled ‘American Porn’ featuring a prose poem about Alan Turing which i wager contains more information, as Claude Shannon would define it, than the entire new Hollywood movie about Turing. I doubt, for example the movie will include the link with Apple computers, and the current exploitation of foreign labour and the need for suicide nets at some Apple workcamps, which in the capable hands of Heathcote becomes a poetic fact, and in my head yesterday when i heard it for the first time, epiphany.



Fungal Economics (2007) by Fly Agaric 23

Fungal Economics
branching words and
money walk

the shit into our future
your words
our words and their
words of air-sound-sutra

why is money and
how did it get all stinky
who issues it and how?
a coin for a cow
paper for gold
our money their money

who has the magic wands
the words and the rite
disorder of things and stuff
multi-ordinal terms fed to
herds like worms to morning

credit/debit digit edit
where is the source
the root and sacred well
spring of your knowledge
our nohledge and their
who issues shit

and how holy dung
holy chao
money exchanged
for words language and
economics co-ming-ling

honey does not grow on trees
the bees bring it to each
the river bank connect
with moon goddess via
the rising and falling water

make every river bank
a bank you can trust
and the fungi
facts decompose rotten
money theory

a natural fungi force
consumes carbon dioxide
and releases carbon

like wise a new natural
economic order will

start with fungi
and mycelium as the
fiscal roots and financial
fibers that in the buginning

all the money by
the process of decomposing
using smart drugs
depreciating truffle skins

the truly regenerative and
maximum interests inherent in the
fungal feeding
of the planetary and
inter-planetary bio-sphere
make most but not all forms
of banking and international
financial doings on this planet
seem deceptive

at best and damned sadistic
and apocalyptic at worst
new webworking tools
help to communicate more
scientifically how and
why mycelium networks
have spread into earths biosphere

in turn the field of fungal
economics seems less
of a joke to me
and more of a biological
fact observable in nature

for fly this fungal
economic reorder fits with
the animal and plant kingdom
and the propensity for doing more
with less

and maximizing information
output to the benefit of all
no dropping carcass seed
or shell left behind not
even zero is wasted

the whole biological spaceship
earth recycles energy freely
between species and
kingdoms of living systems

some very influential humans
on the other hand seem to
have a propensity for hoarding
life support
in all its forms

for a few chosen people
or a few International syndicates
at the expense of the many
–the Majority of humanity on
planet earth

who issues it and how
what is money and how did
it get that way, to paraphrase Ez

the fungal metaphor
maybe the most eloquent
and beautiful metaphor to
employ in 2008

pitched against unrestricted
global capitalism driven
by private interest and
crooked double crossed
intelligence tsars

depreciating currency
imitates the fungal process of
breaking down biological matter
making more room at the
bottom by recycling

transform and keep the process
moving along
if you stay in one place too
long with your savings

chemical compound interest
you will rot at the bottom of the pile
without jumping into a new
state of energy

by the magic transform process
see transbutation
holy communion and
the u.s fed bank of england

the deception and trickery
of the global banking
fraud-gamer community
is also mimicked

on a global scale within
fungal communities
in fact mushroom myceilium
germinate those very orchids
that so many banksters
are infatuated with

even penicillin and all its
synthesized relatives
are fungal entities
claimed patented and
exploited by global pharmo

the dream-drug in its
penicillin incarnation
fungal intelligence
has already penetrated the
money maze

not to mention all the
other medical applications
and drugs synthesized
from mushrooms and/or
fungal bacterium

but the poet with mould-money
and mushrooms spilling
from his mouth does not stop

mushrooms and fungus
metaphors deployed to
synergize human
financial intelligence

just the sprouting tip
of a swarming underground
body of evidence

sometimes sprout a fruiting
bodyblog and spilling
billions of its viral meme
spores into earths atmosphere
every second of every day
for a billion years to come

once the poet has sharpened
his gaze and the haze of terrestrial
primate politics and economics
has vanished in the maze

we can begin to revision
our future past present perfect
days all-at-once

an enpsychlopedia Fungi
galactica a languaging entity
a self-replicating fungal blogject
spore of the words

money and wind and
seeds and stars all-at-once

–fly agaric 23.


Giles Chase: Shanigums Wave, Oillyseas, Publiners, A Sculpture of the Banker as an old man, Excommunicated and the albums Ballads and Strange Folk. Epiphenome’. Faben & Faben.
Ira Pod: The Dantales, ABS of Revolutions, 17 Stereotypes of Damnbiguation. Videoglyphic method. History is not a dream from which I am trying to awake. No Direction Press.
Martin McLure: The Gutterverb Autopsy, Misunderstanding Money, The road to Shennanigums Wave
James Shermon: Mystical doctrine of sports and greedy behavior
Nesta Venossa: The Wildstyle Grafitti Character as a Medium for Math.
J. Nathan Shaft: Skully Von’s Travels.
Sonny Cob Laughlin: Blooming Magnus Trilogy, Neuro-Trigger, Flasks of the really hot tea, The Windows Sunshine, BOG: Bogus Occupation Government, Quantum Theology,
Ali Fowley: The Book of flies, The book of the wall, poetry without tears, 111 and other writings.
Jacky Muller: Nine Joints to the moon, Operating manual for Shennanigums Wave, Sin-Energy-Zetitics, On the Path, Planet Terry Sociology.
Carson Wools: Citizen Murdoch, War of the Words, McGriff, C For Cake, Touch of Usury.
Manfred Humanski: Religion and Insanity, General Pendantics, X’tenshun Method.

–Steve Fly Agaric 23
Thursday, July 17, 2008/Saturday 11th January, 2014

Hoggers of the harvest

Hoggers of the harvest
by Steven James Pratt

“and they have broken my house” Ez, Canto LXXVI

House of supreme court and
whitechapel packed since 1776?

1970’s U.S. Gov. policy trending
deregulation to bait business
less oversight
less disclosure of                       information
about banks and other                financial

thus, policymakers blind to
                 gangster role played by
financial inst. investment banks
                                        hedge funds and some gov.
funded enterprises
         a.k.a the SHADOW
                 banking system

October 82’ U.S. President Ronald
                                  ‘star wars’ Reagan signed into law
 the Garn–St. Germain Depository
                               Institutions Act

sleazy adjustable-rate
                (mort)gage loans death pacts
the slithering process of banking
deregu’ proceeeds
92’ Euro-members sign
                                        mass-tricked treaty

97′ Alan Greenspan fought to keep the
                    derivatives market unregulated
Nov. 99’ U.S. President ‘Wild’ Bill Clinton
signed into law the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
                                     more loop holes for dereg’

01’Off-balance sheet entities
invoked by Enron as part of the
                                       rabid scandal

03’ Warren Buffett on derivatives:
                                 “financial weapons of mass
Augustus Gloop is stuffing his

And if a few bankers and financiers
were jailed we would all be
                                 better off now?

04’ U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission relaxed
the net capital rule and the shit
                                flowed into the mortgage nappy

06’ housing froth and bubble burst
                               in dung-bloom burst cycle peak
values of securities hand-cuffed to
                                                 US real estate
                                                    like pennies

Fannie Mae and co. stroll on…
                                       predatory lending and/or
mortgage fraud,

Gov and central banks
                    react with fiscal stimulus, an iron fist
further funny-money policy buffering
           and institutional bailouts or
                                                   jail outs.

07’ August 7
                   BNP Paribas Netherlands
liquidates in financial bone marrow cancer

08’ U.S Total over-the-counter
(OTC) derivative
notional value rose to $683 trillion
                                          hell, a bit O.T.T mate?

2008’ U.S financial crime wave
                                       Bang! 08-13 global financial crisis
                 Boom! European sovereign debt crisis
                                              crisis crisis  for the love of Isis
what of barley, rice, cotton, tax free?

can we have balance and neutrality
in all courts, in ANY courts?
is their a truly honest judge
                          anywhere on this planet earth?

and dullards CasaPound hijack a turtle
                                     and a good poets worst
ever mistakes

08’ The U.S. Senate’s
Levin–Coburn Report sez
crisis was the result of:
                             “high risk, complex
financial products
                       undisclosed conflicts of interest
                               the failure of regulators
the credit rating agencies
                            and the market itself to rein
in the excesses of
Wall Street”

Greedy sneaky double crossing
                                 fraud and conspiracy to commit robbery
     were not considered seriously
in 08’?

                                                    Hanging from a cemetery door:
                          TO BIG TO FAIL
                                                   TO BIG TO JAIL.

Several major financial institutions
                           collapsed in Sept’08
                                         global recession, we taste
                             the great credit

                                 number of U.S unemployed
rose from approx. 7 million in 08
to 15 million by 09’

                             and if a few bankers and financiers and ministers
were jailed we would all have been
                                              better off by now?

yet the richest
                               criminals run wild and free
buy footballs teams, industry and
                                   daytime TV
all to raise the price of

09’ Another G20 summit
                                      the great new long lesser global recession
kicks in
              ministers only appear at night

In Ireland unemployment rose from 4%
06 to 14% 10′
the national
budget went from surplus in 07’
to a deficit of 32% GDP in 10’
                                        the highest in the history of Eurozone
                                                 control of the outlets?

                                  According to the CIA World Factbook
from 2010 to 2011 the unemployment rates
in Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal,
and the UK increased
                                   and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

11’ financial crisis inquiry
                          committee found that…
over the past 30-plus years
we permitted growth of
shadow banking system – opaque
and laden with short term
                                      debt – that rivaled the size
            of the trad. banking system.

         “criminals have no intellectual interests?” Ez, LXXVI

who knew the multitrillion-dollar
                                  repo lending market?
off-balance-sheet entities? and
                           abuses of over-the-counter
                derivatives were hidden from view
                                                        who Who WHO?

The crisis was avoidable
                                  disinformation ops on behalf of
international finance capitalism

like giving bunk directions to an
                                  elderly blind tourist

mass protest movements
responding to crime wave
with peaceful alternatives, some
                               riots and open revolts bloom

12’ By the end of 11’
            Germany was estimated to have
made more than €9 billion
out of the crisis
                           investors flocked like vultures to safer
but near zero interest rate German
                                     federal gov. bonds, binds, bundles, bunds, punds

12’ July, the
Netherlands Austria
Finland benefit from
                                                zero or negative interest rates
may the reader pause for reflection

                                          the debt crisis crime wave forced
5 out of 17 Eurozone countries
                to seek help from other nations
by Dec. 12’
                                        and no such thing as public opinion

16 Dec. 2010
the Euro Council agreed
a two line cocaine fuelled amendment to the
                                                  EU Lisbon Treaty to allow a
permanent bail-out
                              mechanism to be established
                                  by political chicanery

the Euro Stability Mechanism (ESM)
is a permanent rescue funding
                                  programme to suck seed
the temporary Euro’ Financial
         Stability Facility
              and the Euro’ Financial Stabilisation Mechanism
July 12’

but postponed… until
after the Federal Constitutional Court
of Germany had confirmed
                                          legality of the
measures 12 Sept’ 2012
                               dragons snort rolling in pools of gold coin

London excluded from
future financial regulations
including proposed EU financial
transaction tax
                            and crime minster Cameron juggles
his nukes
           who tried to buy peace with money?

26 countries had agreed to the plan
leaving U.K as only
                         country not willing
to join.

in case of economic shocks
policy makers try to improve
by depreciating the currency
                       as currently in Iceland
which beat-off the biggest financial
crisis in economic history

                                           13’ China, India, and Iran
with sluggish growth
some drone attacks and
                 terrorism have NOT entered

however eurozone countries
cannot devalue their
                                        as Silvio Gessel and C. H. Douglas
and Ez might suggest

this may nip usury in the bud
         and present a new solution to
                                                      boom bust cycles
                              derivatives and crimes against nature
                                                          crimes against humanity

“A system which becomes in practice merely another hidden and irresponsible tyranny is no better than any other gang of instigators to theft and oppression—Ez, the proof of the pudding. 1937.

–Steven James Pratt (Fly Agaric 23) 25-28 May 2013.


For the OCCUPY movement, the people and the spirits.–Steven James Pratt (Fly Acrillic 23)

Occupy Your Mind
The skies
The stars
Occupy hearts parks forests and stores

Occupy The Streets
And Occupied Toilets
Occupy Beats and sing to highlight deceit to foil it

Occupy War Street
Your Walk
Occupy the Vatican of worms if you can

Occupy Loan Don
Occupy Organize Codify Ampliflies

Occupy Pounds
Occupy Cents
Occupy Bill’s
Occupy Beverly Hills

Occupy Pence
Occupy jails
Occupy rents
Girls penned in by pigs behind a fence,
Poisoned like snails

Occupy Bonds
The Euro,
Occupy The Bureau with Neuro Scholar Judo

Occupy the Spyguys
Occupy in face
Occupy to Shock the eye
The Ochre clings to the pepper spray
Red Octopi tents tackle dragons and lions
Occupy Occidental
Sock your thigh your legs
Occupy your pants my dear
Occupy a wig
All through October we’ll
Occupy a jig
Let’s Occupy November
December through March
Arab Spring and all,
Then we’ll Occuply […….]
And the Seasons revolve,
Occupy the planet earth
Coagulate, Solve.

Race Riots and Revolution in the UK


The riots in the UK earlier this month (aug. 6-10, 2011) have provoked a number of textual reactions and experiments from me that I present here in a mish-mash-up style. Typically I have the beginnings of lots of different ideas, poems, screenplays, on-going research and rants. I might need some help editing some of this stuff.

I decided that Race Riots and Revolution in the UK could be a title theme that runs through these writings. Please enjoy, share and feedback. And remember to try and think happy thoughts as ften as possible. Please, thankyou.


Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Bombs, Massacres, riots, revolutions, eclipses, sun flares.
New friends, free storage space, wikipedia, social network, medicinal Marijuana.
Banking fraud, spying, physical abuse, murder, robbery, torture, gang violence.
Flash mobs, geodesics, massage, wireless power, permaculture, genomics, crowd funding.
Phone hacking, arms dealing, oil spillage, shooting, rape, volcanic eruptions, bee death.
Space flight, organic farming, e-bay, yoga, twitter, multi player gaming, aural sex.
Coercion, sea pirates, con-men, lawyer run capitalism, road side bombs, liars, cheats.
Tablet computing, prosthetics, hormone therapy, MP3’s, hugs, open source democracy?
–Steve ‘fly’ Pratt 23
Bits and thoughts like branches and leaves budding
earth seasons seem to bring politcal and ecological changes,
the city map of life inside a city map world ripped by a rat.

Talkers gasping for fresh air, to make sense of the senses
to pit poverty of imagination against scandalous expenses
to lay seeds, to plough the fields and jump fences

I am sucked into the babble slang and the prattle
what’s in a name, what’s in a battle
who traded pigs for whiggs, and precious coin for cattle?

The scrupulus meanness of money magic
the comedy in a staged collapse, tree’s felled: tragic
politicians need MDMA for empathy and to help fight
capitalist cancer outbrake.

To gamble our land’s life support on the mad-Bull market
gives off a reckless and putrid stench of rotting corpses
cannibals of europe are eating their children,

Each human mind encompasses the whole universe
the whole multiverse contained inside a criminal thug?
please, we are all interacting nervous systems beyond classification.
–Steve ‘fly’ Pratt 23.

What does it take to love a hoody?
never mind hug a hoody love a hoody,
tuff love buddy,
a flood of reasons to show empathy
as some wise man once said ‘love thy enemy’
so… how might we love a hoody

What’s inside that hood

Who’s under the street monkhood
What creature lurks beneath the Addidas and the Nike garnments
What feet creep across broken glass in Fila boots
what’s inside the head wrapped in Burberry
all day crime think? think again, 

These are human beings just like you,
criminality seems a pretty flimsy stick these days
as one man goes down for knickin’ a shirt
another walks, like Tony Blair, what is fair?
To me Tony is no better than a hoody,
Gangster activity, lack of insight and foresight,
disrespect, bad judgement, personal benefit
at the scandalous expense of others.
Criminal intelligence is intelligence


a gang is a group or slang for a coup
on the sinister crime-minister’s ‘gang-think’
David Starkey scans the culture darkly, 

dimly, shortsightedly.

–Steve ‘fly’ Pratt 23.

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Finnegans Wake and Banking Bastards

The bank particularised, the national misery
(now almost entirely in the hands of the four chief bondholders
for value in Tangos), declined to pay the draft, though there
were ample reserves to meet the liability, whereupon the trusty
Coppercheap negociated it for and on behalf of the fund of the
thing to a client of his, a notary, from whom, on consideration, he
received in exchange legal relief as between trusthee and bethrust,
with thanks. Since then the cheque, a good washable pink,
embossed D you D No 11 hundred and thirty 2, good for the figure
and face, had been circulating in the country for over thirtynine
years among holders of Pango stock, a rival concern, though not
one demonetised farthing had ever spun or fluctuated across the
counter in the semblance of hard coin or liquid cash. The jury (a
sour dozen of stout fellows all of whom were curiously named
after doyles) naturally disagreed jointly and severally, and the
belligerent judge, disagreeing with the allied jurors’
disagreement, went outside his jurisfiction altogether and ordered a
garnishee attachment to the neutral firm.