Heathcote Williams and hard poetic critical trews

After watching the much hyped latest episode of Question Time i quickly fixed up proper with Heathcote Williams, my new fav. UK poet-rebel. Williams can say in a 3 minute poem what would take a question time guest a decade to communicate (perhaps the comedian could keep up?) further evidence to me that poets hold the key to understanding politics, and Heathcote Williams speaks for Billions of people around the world with his critical prose. Lets hope that more people hear and read him, especially those in the UK.

I would highly recommend his work titled ‘American Porn’ featuring a prose poem about Alan Turing which i wager contains more information, as Claude Shannon would define it, than the entire new Hollywood movie about Turing. I doubt, for example the movie will include the link with Apple computers, and the current exploitation of foreign labour and the need for suicide nets at some Apple workcamps, which in the capable hands of Heathcote becomes a poetic fact, and in my head yesterday when i heard it for the first time, epiphany.



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