All powers of Europe

For my part thought that AmericansHad been embroiled in European wars long enoughEasy to see thatFrance and England wd/ try to embroil us Obvious that all powers of Europe will be continually at manoeuvreto work us into their real or imaginary balancesof power; J.A 1782 FISHERIES.--Ezra Pound, Canto LXV. Pg 377.J.A = John Adams

Pilot Plan for Concrete Poetry (1958)

Pilot Plan for Concrete Poetry (1958)Augusto de Campos, Decio Pignatari, Haroldo de Campos: BrazilFrom Concrete Poetry: A World View, 1968, ed Mary Ellen Solt RELATED RESOURCES: Haroldo de Campos in UbuWeb Historical Augusto de Campos in UbuWeb Historical Decio Pignatari in UbuWeb Historical "Concrete Poetry: A World View : Brazil" in UbuWeb Papers "The Imperative … Continue reading Pilot Plan for Concrete Poetry (1958)

Ezra Pound and Film adaptations of fragments from the Cantos

Hamilton celebrates Ezra Pound’s 128th Birthday By Max Newman '16October 31, 2013 Forum on Image and Language and Motion (F.I.L.M.) celebrated Hamilton alumnus and late poet Ezra Pound’s 128th birthday last Wednesday with a night full of history and experimental film adaptations. Associate Professor of English Steve Yao opened the discussion with a detailed history … Continue reading Ezra Pound and Film adaptations of fragments from the Cantos

Liffissippi River to Joyce’s Poundland

...and when the mode of themusic changes                           the walls of the                                    city shake     a perspective from relative place                  humbled individual to their partin universe and othersingle individuated mind                                      in timegathering tales and knick knacks               of history into a trick bagdo you feel melody and riddim’ in verse       word sound image sandwichesattention to source                   to _____ … Continue reading Liffissippi River to Joyce’s Poundland

1922 year 1 of MODERNISM (Book review)

A new age dawned on October 30 1921, said Ezra Pound, who claimed that the Christian Era ended on the day that James Joyce finished the final paragraph of Ulysses. Three months later Joyce’s book was published on the palindromic date of 2/2/22 – his 40th birthday --