Liffissippi River to Joyce’s Poundland

…and when the mode of the
music changes
                           the walls of the
                                    city shake

     a perspective from relative place
                  humbled individual to their part
in universe and other

single individuated mind
                                      in time
gathering tales and knick knacks
               of history into a trick bag

do you feel melody and riddim’
in verse
       word sound image sandwiches
attention to source
                   to _____ and just story

word jazz s c r a b l e m and
recontext’ of everything
                   in John Coltrane and
James Joyce

              Pound’s eccentricity flows
to American in Europe, Joyce’s concentricity
                                       circulates the planet

two sides of a new shiny coin
                                    ideograms on side a
                         hologrammic prose on the flip

two torrential rivers of ink
                         bleeding shared currents

Joyce’s Be-Bop and
                             Pound’s symphonic compositions
cut and mixed together

Homeric history and Ulysses
                       in a conch shell sunset
                                  and a Dublin street fight

the inner
Joyce and the
                     Pound dynastic index
                         Irish American tell all tales

The Cantos awake
                         a wake Cantos:
                 a dream/nightmare from
which I am trying to awake

                sleepwalking giants leave
                       footprints in the mud
trackers reverse the prints
                                      into beasts

explicit Cantos give us facts
              weights and measures, the dates
places, names and flames to wit

                     implicit Finnegan offers us
truer ficts, rubber inches,
           neurological realism and the funnies

…like J.C’s Ballads versus
                                                   Stellar Regions
              it’s a whole different thing
                                       consistent in its genius

                  ‘FW is psycho-archaeology
        Dr Wilson said.
             ‘no mystery about the Cantos,
Pound said.
                                             they are the tale of
                        the tribe

–Steve Fly
Amsterdam, 9th June, 2013

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