CUBEDOME NOW YOLK. APOLLODELPHI THEATRE. (JackY Muller, Manfred Humanski and James Shermon are talking about the CUBE).JACK MULLER: A vectorial-edged cube collapses. The cube's corner flexibility can be frustrated only by triangulation. Each of the four corners of the cube's six faces could be structurally stabilized with small triangular gussets, of which there would be … Continue reading NOW YOLK. APOLLODELPHI THEATRE sketch v1.0

KSR: Kitchen Sweat Renaissance

For pucks sake, fly agaric and the knu chou dynastyTzou not 2u. Chuang sang praises, [Crustaceous wedgeof sweaty kitchens on a rock overcreamtopping thrusts of Oursea gonznoizzation] hemight have approved off this dubble glazing, this washup and away (shored) Into a nativity play with Foxhousemptemtress and Horsepower industree and Dune-cow dung shroomi engineers > and … Continue reading KSR: Kitchen Sweat Renaissance