Organization theory and Claude Shannon

Organization theoryIn 1988, on the basis of Shannon's definition of statistical entropy, Mario Ludovico[19] gave a formal definition of sintropy, as a measurement of the degree of organization internal to any system formed by interacting components. According to that definition, sintropy is a quantity complementary to entropy. The sum of the two quantities defines a … Continue reading Organization theory and Claude Shannon

email to the tribe: a Maybe Logic Class by Fly Agaric 23

Fly Agaric 23 September 20 - November 5email to the tribeHomogrammic ProseThe tale of the tribe approximates a tale of humanity, or 'tales', a new global epic that must capture illuminating details from humanity and juxtapose them in a special way using special language (Hologrammic prose, the Hermetic style, Ideogrammic method, Joyce's 'epiphany' etc.) Dr.Robert … Continue reading email to the tribe: a Maybe Logic Class by Fly Agaric 23


"One great part of every human existence is passed in a state which cannot be rendered sensible by the use of wideawake language, cutanddry grammar and goahead plot. --JAMES JOYCE, Referring to Finnegans Wake in a letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver (1926-11-24)" I have a playman's or better yet ploughman's interest in physics, science and … Continue reading RAW V.A.L.I.S JOYCE & HOLO-GRAMIC PROSE?

Twenty Twelve Line Verses v3.0 (Icosoheedrome)

Twenty Twelve Line Verses to 'the tale of the tribe' (v3.0) by Fly Agaric 23To be printed as TWENTY TRIANGLES to build an Icosohedron.Thanks to Mark Pesce for kicking this into 'hyperspace'GymJoyceOilysseasMetempsyficPortrait ProsodyEpiphany ProcessMudernism QuarkitectIconoclaste CosmologistHolographish Cubed EarwickerWaking Finnegan Stephen DeadalusVicorecourse Bruwnitsche IbsenPoundUbermatrix Holocalips TranslitteringClaudeShannonInternetsCyberneticMaxim FourierInformation TheoryRevolution ScientistCommunicate MicroprocessComplexity Coding ShannonbitNyquist Equations Weaver LanguageCalculating Holographique … Continue reading Twenty Twelve Line Verses v3.0 (Icosoheedrome)


ARGUABLY The greatest single resource for the study of DR. Robert Anton Wilson's tale of the tribe.--Steve fly agaric 23.Marshall McLuhan: Renaissance for a wired world By Gary Genosko.The medium and the magician: Orson Welles, the radio years, 1934-1952 By Paul Heyer.The classic Noh theatre of Japan By Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Ezra PoundThe legacy of … Continue reading TTOTT TEXTS v2.0


10/01/10 = 38 in Binary Calculation11/01/10 = 54."The Hebrew language uses its letters to represent numbers. The first nine letters represent the numbers I to 9 respectively; the next 10 letters represent the numbers 10, 20... to 90; and the next four represent 100 to 400. --, what does that mean?Shannon and Wiener on a … Continue reading HIDDEN VARIABLES OF THE BINARY DATE 100110

Three quarks for Muster Mark!: Sharing Mayelogic and other thoughts on internet.

"we’ve arrived in Marshal McLuhan’s global village right on schedule. --Hyperpeople."Share the wealth and spoil the weal. Peg the pound to tom the devil. My time is on draught. --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Pg. 579.The following is a dry-toast post, or warm-up for something a little dishy, I'm preparing for the - share this … Continue reading Three quarks for Muster Mark!: Sharing Mayelogic and other thoughts on internet.

CS is for Cyber-$wine Flu

UK CYBERSWINE FLU EPIDEMICDELL and the Police are going into business. Lord Carter, CAW CAW CAW Digital Government Business! As Ezra Pound wrote “Who distributes it, how” Information! D.I.G.I.T.A.L - ambiguous like Claude Shannon and NTL.Digital ways to extend the reach and accuracy of killingry, weaponry, and disinformation Warfare. Digital Warfare. Urban. All pervasive information … Continue reading CS is for Cyber-$wine Flu