2014 highs

The Artist Taxi Driver relentless daily feedback on behalf of the silent majoritiesHeathcote Williams and UK historical poetry activism in fine fucking formRussel Brand trews andsocial activism in the faceof painscreamJames Corbett and theCorbett report consistent open source researchBruce Sterling lectures and on going socio-cyberneticproseCory Doctorow every notePlus all great work by the EFFChaos Computer … Continue reading 2014 highs

A Response to some current events (Sopa, wikileaks, Joyce, Pipa)

A Response to some current events.A Joke for January 2012:“What are you in for, buddy?” said the Bad Bwoy“I got drunk and drove my car into a breast implant centre, killing two pedestrians and injuring six women because my wife planned to have em’ removed, i got 4 years.” Pipa replied... “what are you in … Continue reading A Response to some current events (Sopa, wikileaks, Joyce, Pipa)

2012 Singularity Feedback and Video’s

HI everybody. I've been following the development of ‘the 2012 phenomena’ and also the more scientific concept of ‘The Singularity’ since I read ‘Cosmic Trigger’ by Robert Anton Wilson and then ‘The Invisible Landscape’ by Dennis and Terence Mckenna, sometime in the mid 1990's.From these references you might deduct that I have a ‘psychedelic’ bias … Continue reading 2012 Singularity Feedback and Video’s