2012 Singularity Feedback and Video’s

HI everybody. I’ve been following the development of ‘the 2012 phenomena’ and also the more scientific concept of ‘The Singularity’ since I read ‘Cosmic Trigger’ by Robert Anton Wilson and then ‘The Invisible Landscape’ by Dennis and Terence Mckenna, sometime in the mid 1990’s.

From these references you might deduct that I have a ‘psychedelic’ bias towards the kinds of maps and metaphors I communicate, this is true, in a nutshell I think that ‘psychedelic drugs’ used in the correct set and setting (see Leary and Wilson) IMPACT the individual in a way approximating the IMPACT that ‘The Singularity’ and the ‘2012 Phenomena’ resonate with, if you choose to TUNE IN. (which I hope to define, somewhat, by this multi-media presentation, relaying some fresh video’s and links which I think summarise our entry into 2012.)

Whatever ‘media or drugs’ you interact with, set and setting are important, those who have experimented with psychedelic drugs (at some period of their life) generally, seem to have a grasp on strange resonance with topics concerning ‘The Singularity’ and the ‘2012 Phenomena‘, somewhat familiar territoy to those who have expored inner space and outer, poetry and literature, psychology, engineering, mathematics, anthropology, futurism, ethnobotany, games, music, painting etc.

(Please do not ascribe my own ‘Psychedelic bias’ to the ideas and words from those in the following video’s. Just have fun with your thoughts, I’ll be back with more feedback after digesting them again). –Steve fly.

Computation and the future of Mankind by Stephen Wolfram

The Coming war on general computation by Cory Doctorow
Mind Share by Mark Pesce
Theory Of Everything by Athene.
Drugs and Internet by Jason Silva
Jumping Jesus by RAW
Singularity by Terence Mckenna.
Singularity by Jason Silva
The Future of Life (Summit 2011) Max Tegmark
The Acceleration of Knowledge by Robert Anton Wilson pt. 1.
WATSON A.I Perceptions (Summit 2011) by David Ferrucci.


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