Squintin Quarantino – Third Coming

Third ComingCan you hear the clapping, my gums flappin’Moronic juicy rhymes keep the songs sap inReligion double tappin’ state talk crappin’Corona virus wave, another victory lappinThird comingCrowned for EasterProfit from misery is a sign of the beast (er)Baste the turkey with Brexit, the piss, Boris teks itYou vote for rabid dogs and Brexit you get … Continue reading Squintin Quarantino – Third Coming

Squintin Quarantino – Oven Ready Squeal

Not with bang but a whimper, lost my temperTurn time to tempo, praise Bon PoBuddhist buddies come on, let’s goLi Po, leapfrog, ego, lap-dog, lap top, tap-tap, sap head, drip drop Murder most horrid Boris mutates covidKillers on the loose, infodemic noose fervidTruth’s not in news, chief commissioner of toursLewer and skewer fact straight down … Continue reading Squintin Quarantino – Oven Ready Squeal

Photo Pano Picture Mixture

Photo-pano picture mixtureaudio sonic soundtrackfixturelisten with eyes and seer the futurenon-local and 360 rotational adventure furnitureA new movie and uniquesongas the scene spins andthe film moves along omnidirectionallyHand made arts in new dimensionpanorama spaces - the nowapprehensionlend some attentionlook listen touch travelsuspension Bridge to a new synthesisof mediaChews your experiencefly through the novel paintingleap frog fromthe … Continue reading Photo Pano Picture Mixture

Garaj Mahal 2002: Great American Music Hall. set 2. w/ dj Fly Agaric.

set two W/ Dj. Fly Agaric.Collection: : GarajMahalBand/Artist: Garaj MahalDate: April 5, 2002 (check for other copies)Venue: Great American Music HallLocation: San Francisco, CASET LIST:Never Give Up7UpJunctMondo GarajBe Dope*Material GirlMadagascarGulam SabriPoodle Factorye: Kisshttp://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.0.5.swfhttp://www.archive.org/details/garaj2002-04-05.shnfSteven James Pratt

JOHN SINCLAIR in Stourbridge: With Fly And Friends.

An Evening with JOHN SINCLAIR & DJ Fly Agaric XX111 - 14th August 2009, Stourbridge, England.Flyer by Bobby Campbell:Big Chief of the River Stour presents:An Evening with JOHN SINCLAIR & DJ Fly Agaric XX111BEAT Poetry. The Bonded Warehouse Canal Street Stourbridge DY8 4LU Friday 14th July 2009.Performance Poet, Jazz and Blues Scholar, prolific writer, radio … Continue reading JOHN SINCLAIR in Stourbridge: With Fly And Friends.