Squintin Quarantino – Oven Ready Squeal

Not with bang but a whimper, lost my temper
Turn time to tempo, praise Bon Po
Buddhist buddies come on, let’s go
Li Po, leapfrog, ego, lap-dog, lap top, tap-tap, sap head, drip drop

Murder most horrid Boris mutates covid
Killers on the loose, infodemic noose fervid
Truth’s not in news, chief commissioner of tours
Lewer and skewer fact straight down sewers
…We need more growers, sewers and flowers
Sewers in sewers and so on it sours (my taste buds) 
…Flowers with flowers, word is born, spore spawn (I could flow on for hours)

You want rhymes about me
What I do….what I see (fly on)
My opinion, looking through a dark-glass onion
It hurts to reflect, like hot crossed bunions
“Hehe, yeah, SQ’s a funnyion
Wonky sightsee wanky world pie eye on
Any dope shit I’ll be there like…(flies on)

Are you surprised hun, look to the skies sun
Rattle of raps, like a cow’s tongue flaps (pun)
Words get bended, letters they splendid’
I sit on your satire, as no pun in ten did (we mend it)
Hate, unfriend it
I’m going round the bend with the Zen end pundit
Lies, unfund it, Raab Convid Nazbitt
Like Norman Tebit, Mason Verger, rude serve it (room service)
Secret dis-service, church surface to air mad circus. 

That smell cumming from the Bullington club
Like acrid sulphur shit coke from a spoonz pub
Tory stink toilet brick stank up the bog
Not a priti smell, cummings wreak of reek Mogg (false fog?)
More pricks than hedgehog, a tsarist tsig-tsog, zig zag tsog blog
Chumocracy, toxic crack rock economy
Hollow heart symphony, syphon off PPE
I’m with Public Enemy, “stay the fuck away from me”
Conservatives spaff’ cash and endanger our family

Bozo, more U-bends than Putin’s wife
Dither and delay cost 100’000 life
With a mouth full of fevers, empowered by leavers
His fowl behaviour, praised Trump as our saviour
Cummings in his ear, in his rear eye mouth
Follow that fucker and we all fall south (of heaven)
He’s putting Brits in the oven, hand over gloven,’
Ready mi ready, just cooked another dozen
Go tell your ma’, your sister and cousin
Squnitin’s gone cursin’ in wonkyverse versin’ (dispersin)
infected, with novel rip-rap-arona’
Injected with poets for a whole new personae (to cajole ya’)
rap-rona round the globe
Raw Joyce Popper poppin’ in yer’ frontal lobe’

Make laughter infectious again
Fake letter in fact a pain
Fact the pain away, with rainbow come rain
Babies in feeding trough, old forgotten, Gorbachov
I’m snookered at the turntable, Squintin like rack man in-off
Boom time for vultures, payday for toffs   
I hope they all choke on kamikaze moths

–Squintin Quarantino


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