Genepool Lifeguard Journal 1

'How can anyone describe the whole until he has learned the total of the parts.'--Sufi teaching....went swimming indeep emotional bias for my gene-poolmygene-pool-space countrystung by the rising 'fuck the others crews'and the 'i ain't got time to entertainanimals and plants you mad' lot, and thoughtDNA first!A chalked cue to beatyour gene-pool playersneuro-relativity rulesAGCT bigger than … Continue reading Genepool Lifeguard Journal 1


"We could say that this process of "breaking" codes gives rise to an-other text, a text comprised of ruined sign structures and quasi-fragmentations (a decentred text which is also de-cord-ed). - UP experiment:Repeats, and triplet multiplex repeats. 151. Out-of-sequence. Out of...Redundancy of information. Pollinator seeds No more  secrets. Enzyme mutation, fluro-chemicals. Lucifer and Luciferene.  … Continue reading B is for BIOINFORMATICS: JOYCE AND CHOLINERGICS.