AP is for Apoptosis:

Dr. Robert Anton Wilson produced consistantly optimistic scientific philosophy & Magick! for his whole lifecycle. His optimism and foresight were uncanny in their predictive powers, looking back over the last nine years of the so called – New Millenium i think once more that RAW has the comprehensive approach that makes most sense of our human, technological, spiritual and illuminated and part brain dead condition.

Cosmic Trigger first grabbed me like a pincer clawed beast, and jet packed me off onto some path or other to discovering something else that was new, ideas, puzzles, and the framing of new questions, metaphysical breakdowns and synergetic put-back-togethers. Today, after nearly 15 years reading and re-reading RAW i often feel like i am just scratching the surface. This blog entry is just scratching the surface of one of RAW’s interests and something described within most of his books explicitly, and somewhat – implicitly – within his ideas: human life extension. And Tim Leary’s SMI2LE formula

There are many ways of looking at life extension, many, and it involves a deep seating of oneself in timespace, philosophy and subpeona of disbelief – to even begin to think clearly on the subject. Especially difficult for religiously and scientifically — dogmatic — but i wish to look at just one small part here.

The idea in society of the cure, intelligent cure’s, that work specially for each individual are like the ideas of life extension, put a different way – if preventatives are sufficiently capable of keeping illness at bay then they are in some sense delaying death as cures. Cures for disease and illness seem – for me – a new way of looking at the question, (death & life?).

Usually i think of a pill to just extend your life, but of course, there is nothing to do if you are alive other than prevent death for as long as you wish. New smart pills to prevent illness and disease or kill it before it kills us are now the equivalent of Immortality pills in some sense, depending how you see it.

With so many new breakthroughs in genetics, nano scale technology and intelligent medicine each week now, it seems to me, we have arrived at the time when anything is possible, super bomb to turn us all into salt rocks, or a giant space fun park globe with an ARK of earths life systems set off into space from giant catapults! It is my opinion that within 8 years what we now know to be Cancer and AIDS will be essentially – cured, no longer a cause of death unless you want it to be, along with almost any other disease or illness you can pronounce. Such is the promise of molecular and genetic research underway today around the world. Not to overlook, though, the possibility of new smart – diseases and illnesses developing – maybe even daemons – which would add new challenges and obstacles to all human beings living their happy and more healthy, longer life TOGETHER?

I have my own hunch, (from sitting in front of the computer) a very wild guess about some new research that could lead to some breakthroughs in life extension, something i often feel grossly underqualified to wax lyrical about, but in this case, in fly’s case, the threads weave nicely throughout much of my earlier work so i can show with some PROOF that this is not just some wacky scientific experiment i dreamed up, but something approaching a master thesisnt. The beginnings of a new field of Fly Agaric studies proper, with a focus on HEALING, CURES and helping in the community. Practical shit. Things that up until now my works have overlooked, and reconsidering the life and death of Dr. Wilson i now feel it is high time i started my own scientific enquiry.

–fly agaric 23.


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