http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=4372989&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1CHU EXHIBITION from Trav on Vimeo.http://vimeo.com/travartTHanks TRAV. Good JOb. http://www.schudio.co.uk/blog/2009/360-degree-51-birmingham/ | posted on May 12 2009 360, 51, birmingham, gallery, jibbering art 360 Click on the image(s) below to see the fullscreen 360 degree panorama(s): (opens in a new page, requires Apple Quicktime) For anybody who couldn’t make the show in Birmingham, view the main … Continue reading 51 DEGREES: AUDIO RESPONSIVE AND RETROSPECTIVE. pt. 2


CHU ROLLS INTO BIRMINGHAM APRIL 23RD.http://www.schudio.co.uk/51/New bodies of work on canvas and paper on display in Digbeth, near Birmingham City Centre on Saint George’s day 2009, Thursday April 24th. Here’s an extract from the press release: Aerosol cans become unstable at 51 degrees, pyramids are built at 51 degrees, secondary rainbows are only visible at … Continue reading 51 DEGREES. AUDIO RESPNSIVE AND RETROSPECTIVE.


GRAFFABORTISEMENT!"There are doubtless millions of people that are fascinated by the technical prowess and exacting graphic skill of one, Maurits Cornelis Escher. His imagination captured mine at a very early age, probably the first visual art that actually grabbed my deficient attention. I developed an early interest in mathematics, no doubt assisted by the many … Continue reading GA is for GRAFFITI ABORTISEMENT

OBAMA & HIP HOP? fly feedback. (I)

Hip Hop culture, rap, graffiti, turntablism and breakdancing? African American community and non-African American community HIp Hop? what? Rap vs. Poetry. Graffiti vs. Art. Breakdancing vs. Ballet. Turntablism vs. Automated Radio broadcast. How to define Hip Hop? Who distributes it and how? Old School, Gangster, Conscious, underground, Krunk, Christian vs. Muslim Hip Hop cliche'. Those … Continue reading OBAMA & HIP HOP? fly feedback. (I)

C is for CHU: Painted Plane

Sea'in and not-seen,from the nozzel to object& knu end language of gas ungrasspalpabble.GAS bag of AEROSOUL beyond...Chuscape't.Wind and stars. Fillamint-buster and the firm-cement. Spewing gas but some froth and cake't up swirl of pigment. Congress. Vortexture of cream.Yes. Cherry Peppermint swirl, Jungle Lozenge mumint, See weed green with blush.As seen from a Nozzle head of … Continue reading C is for CHU: Painted Plane

R is for RETAIL ACTIVITY (alphabeta transliteration v1.0)

RETAIL ACTIVITY, a aerosol painting on canvas by CHU.Fly Agaric Xpandjin’ the context, into alphabeta. Feedback loops.2009/6002 upsidedown… Some changed (REMI’T) terms: FREE MARKET - FREEDOM TO MARK IT’ WITH GRAFFITI - CAPITALISM - AEROSOL CAP’ USED TO DIFFUSE COLOUR - CONSPIRACY - COMING TOGETHER OF ONE OR MORE FORCES - ART - INSIDER TRADE. … Continue reading R is for RETAIL ACTIVITY (alphabeta transliteration v1.0)