R is for RETAIL ACTIVITY (alphabeta transliteration v1.0)

RETAIL ACTIVITY, a aerosol painting on canvas by CHU.
Fly Agaric Xpandjin’ the context, into alphabeta. Feedback loops.
2009/6002 upsidedown…

Americana paint PAWD over Disneylyed
A new window into the reality of NOW. Fake simulations.
Your culture today? Virtual Cultural Jocking by the major crim’ syndacate
ARTIST buying time for the audience to buy themselves out. Degrading the consumer
By degrading the product.

“Will art have the right to a second, interminable existence, like the
secret services that, as we know, haven’t had any secrets to steal or exchange
for some time but who still continue to flourish in utter superstition of their
usefulness, perpetuating their own myth. — Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art.

Turning the shopper into shop. Nouns into stone. Grey wall. Yes. No. Mighta’…
Retail Activity Infinite stupidity of consumer.
Insider grey shady trade wall.
Supermarket sweep-up.
CCTV, Banking, shopping, to infinity.

“The “stereo” effect of verse is not merely one of simultaneous stimulation of
two different brain areas, but also the result of a necessary integrative
collaboration and feedback between them. – Frederick Turner. Space and Time in
Chinese Verse.

Admidst all this con.crete money and fuzzy sign and
symbol maze making, words of support are few and far between.
Artists illegalized, jailed, punished, fined, criminalized.
Meanwhile the .GOV hand and purse is busy snatching everything – the artists
and creatives have made, slithering off…
and retailing them…exchange for cultural credibility.
Grafitti remains ILLEGAL in most countries. 2009!
Remixing environmental scene into new semantic maps.
Accents and interpretations, reflections. Yes. Fresh and improvisational as jazz
Already spanning over 300 languages worldwide and growing.
Aerosol Graffiti ART: giant monster gas everywhere & nowhere. Like TAO.
The last child sitting at his art desk is still smiling.

“Greenburg had always argued that the Old Masters, the classic 3-D realists, had
created “an illusion of space into which one could imagine oneself walking. –Tom
Wolfe, The Painted Word.

1975. Black Swan. pg. 78.
“RETAIL ACTIVITY” ripples off the tongue, out through the corridoors
The passageways RETAIL ACTIVITY! Like a track title to a musical masterpiece, yes.
The words given to a painting deserve close study.
Fossilized poems and the doors to epiphany.
RETAIL ACTIVITY. The recycling of the market economy?
The impossible reality. Retail ART market.
The labrynth ambiguity that haunts every shop.
The virus of language munching down the gates of market.
Retail intersection point. Mauled perception.
More image and more simulation, the more illusion power. yes.
Whose Buying all the images. THINGNESS virus on the loose. “Isness is an Illness.”
New retail activity in new ways of seeing
New ways of percieving, tools and windows and glosses
To reflect, amplify, redirect energy. Yes.
And provide – transparancy – the great gift of reflection.

“Art has become involved (not only from the financial point of view of the art
market, but in the very management of aesthetic values) in the general process
of insider trading. Art is not alone: Politics, economics, the news all benefit
from the same complicity and ironic resignation from their consumers. –Jean
Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art. 1996.”

“Retail Activity” Punning heavily on RELATIVITY.
Chu = mc esher squared.
Capturing (SNAP) the NULL state of the art.
Mediocrity squared.
RECYCLING of the empty promise – Clang
The Global market retail activity bubble, doors shut! sale’s over.
PO PART! without warning of the imminent BURST/BUST recurse of language.
ART, what, art. What deception game
ART MACHINE industry kickin’ over. Non-Riemann turnover.
Into a happy new gear.
Painter and the media journalist wrestle. word/image. TV/Internet.
The marketear from the EYE corp., plays ref.
Godel and Escher and Bach screw into retail activity. Restoration of culture.

“It’s a facet of my mathematical ways, it’s all based on your point-of-view. By
continuing a line up a wall onto the ceiling you can delete corners and make the
ceiling disappear, depending on where you’re standing.” -chu

Building upon scaffolding of new perception.
Our surrounding archetecture is a partial reflection
of the economic infrastructure.
Boom and Bust. Insider trade in word and image.
As Joyce’s Wake and Escher’s hand in it.
Bloom and burst! Times of rapid growth and expansion for some,
Spaces of contraction and dismemberment for many
The Market Economy.
ARTISTS chose a different way. Every time. Gurrantea’d.
But not turning the cheek but returning the cheek. Balancing the equation.

”and then, having succeeded admirably, you ask with a sense of
see-what-i-mean? outrage: look, they don’t even buy our products! (Usually
referred to as “quality art.”) The art world had been successfully restricted to
about 10′000 souls worldwide, the beaux monded of a few metropolises. Of these,
perhaps no more than 300 – worldwide – bought current work (this year’s, last
year’s, the year-before’s) with any regularity; of these, perhaps 90 lived in
the United States. — Tom Wolfe, The Painted Word. 1975. Black Swan. pg.

Retail Activity, the painting by CHU sums up & balances down equations vs. Shopping.
Aerosol Graffiti Art becomes indistinguishable from Magic.
Wimbledonization of our culture, art and music
Outernational finance strategy, made up by some dotty umpire.
Wimbledonization: (hosting the fattest, richest,
foreign – Casinocrats – at the expense of our own talent. )
British Art and Culture, how is it moderated? World Art?
Who and how? manipulated to suit whom? Retale’s wagging.
The world wall – itself – in the ACTIVITY of retail.
The myriad of reflection spaces of RETAIL of word and image to infinity.

Dudley M. Burroughs – (Chief Commissioner of Sewers)

M. C. Escher tribute (2 of 3)

| posted on Jan 30 2009

After producing ‘Writing Hands’ I ventured deeper into the world of distorting the viewpoints, a thought process in two dimensional works that Escher is possibly most famous for. His lithograph entitled ‘Relativity’ was the next piece that I chose to remix.

In these days of economic crisis I also updated the piece to depict a modern market area, a supermarket or shopping mall, filled with glass panels (shamelessly achieved by the use of a paper edge). Instead of the three views culminating in exit points to organic backgrounds or nature, I chose to make the whole space an interior, with backgrounds of a shop, car park and a public sliding-door entrance.

The figures are also modernised; cash machine, struggling pensioners, drunks, maintenance orderly and shoppers. The perspectives got a little more funked-up, and the piece also has 15% value added (the original lithograph is square) accommodating the landscape proportion of the canvas.

The construction is visible in a short stop-frame video i produced to animate the process.

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