Bit By Bit, ‘The Information’ Reveals Everything 8, 2011The Information, written by James Gleick, covers nearly everything — jungle drums, language, Morse code, telegraphy, telephony, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, genetics and more — as it relates to information, which he describes as the "fundamental core of things." Information theory can now be seen as the overarching concept for our times, describing how … Continue reading Bit By Bit, ‘The Information’ Reveals Everything

Organization theory and Claude Shannon

Organization theoryIn 1988, on the basis of Shannon's definition of statistical entropy, Mario Ludovico[19] gave a formal definition of sintropy, as a measurement of the degree of organization internal to any system formed by interacting components. According to that definition, sintropy is a quantity complementary to entropy. The sum of the two quantities defines a … Continue reading Organization theory and Claude Shannon