Law Of Acceleration

The following is an unreleased track, made for the album Occupy, by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle. Titled “Law Of Acceleration” featuring the present author playing live drums and reading a chapter from Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, one of my favourite authors, most highly recommended books and chapters from that book.

I’d draw your special attention to RAWs resonance with describing, meaningfully, and not too gloomily, the current explosion in artificial intelligence technology. And, to some of good old Terence Mckenna’s poetic metaphors that ring through time.

The chapter I am reading from is called The Law Of Acceleration and can be found on page 219. Originally recorded in Amsterdam 2011. Guitar by Vincent Pino. Spread the word.

–Steve Fly Agaric

Words by Robert Anton Wilson (Cosmic Trigger)

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