Straight from the horses mouth: RAW interviews from

Science Fiction Review #17, May 1976 New Libertarian Notes, Sept. 5, 1976The Illuminatus! Play with Shea, March 1977High Times by Michael Hollingshead, April 1980Searching For Cosmic Intelligence, 1980Future Life, Sept 1981The Man with the Cosmic Triggerfinger, Nov 1980Notes From The Pop Underground, 1985Man Bites Dogma, c.1985Lewis Shiner, c. 1980sCompuserve Online Conference,  1986KFJC 89.7 FM Los Altos, CA, April 1988 the Cosmic Trigger, June 1989The Nature of Reality,  December 1990KBOO-FM, c.1990The ROC, Aug … Continue reading Straight from the horses mouth: RAW interviews from

RAW and the Great Beast Great Beast – Aleister Crowleyby Robert Anton Wilsonfrom Paul Krassner’s The Realist, issues 91-B, C, 92-A, B (1971-2)_______________return to RAW FansO – The FoolAll ways are lawful to innocence. Pure folly is the key to initiation.          – The Book of Thoth   Crowley: Pronounced with a crow so it rhymes with holy: Edward Alexander Crowley, b. 1875 d. 1947, known as Aleister Crowley, known also as … Continue reading RAW and the Great Beast