Straight from the horses mouth: RAW interviews from

The Illuminatus! Play with Shea, March 1977
High Times by Michael Hollingshead, April 1980
Future Life, Sept 1981
Lewis Shiner, c. 1980s
Compuserve Online Conference,  1986
The Nature of Reality,  December 1990
KBOO-FM, c.1990
The ROC, Aug 1990
published in Cosmic Trigger Volume 2
EST, Feb 1991
High Times, November 1991
Off the Beaten Path, April 1992
The Death Interviews with Timothy Leary, Summer 1994
RAW Circuits, Spring 1995
On a Rainy Day, March 1995
The F Stops Here, October 1997
Booklist, May 15, 1999
RAW Power, 1999
DOUBT!, Winter 1999
The TVI Times, May, 2001
Utopia USA, Feb,  2001
Fly, September 2002
In the RAW, 2003
High Times, March 2003
Russian ‘zine, April 2005
“One of the central features of Confucianism is courtesy, which is one of the most lacking qualities in American society.  Politeness.  I’m not even talking about ethics.  But the funny thing is that if you make a habit of politeness, you naturally become more ethical.”   –    Science fiction author, conspiracy theorist and Capitola resident Robert Anton Wilson from from “Say what? Quotes from 2003 that made us angry, made us laugh and made us go, Hmm …” Santa Cruz Sentinel, Staff Report,  31 Dec 2003.
Find more interviews in Audio and Video.

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