Felthead Animation Experiment

Feltheads (bumpkins) are felted heads by Threadonism – shuffled around under some lights and a camera, with audio by steve fly (warming up for a finnegans wake reading) and special thanks to janne. With luck, more to come very soon. Please let us know what you think, how to improve it?

Toot and Come-Inn: Cannabis Seeds and Finnegans Wake, and dogs, you dig?

Toot and Come-Inn: Cannabis Seeds and Finnegans Wake, and dogs, you dig?

By Steve Fly Agaric 23. (Dedicated to Sirius, the dog)

— Is that answers? — It am queery! — The house was Toot and Come-Inn by the bridge called Tiltass, but are you solarly salemly sure, beyond the shatter of the canicular year? Nascitur ordo seculi numfit. — Siriusly and selenely sure behind the shutter. Securius indicat umbris tellurem.

–James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pages 512-513.


Back in 2002, when i asked Robert Anton Wilson by email ‘Can you give a list of items for our emergency survival suitcase please?” he replied:
Cannabis seeds, Finnegans Wake, one Rottweiler.”

Cannabis Coffeeshop Journal 2017: Writings On Coffeeshop Culture (Volume 1)

by Steven James Pratt

Link: http://a.co/hMWdKax

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Robert Anton Wilson & Steven ‘fly’ Pratt: A Serial Killer In The Whitehouse


A teaser from my full audio interview with Dr Robert Anton Wilson, recorded at his humble home in Capitola/Live Oak/Santa Cruz, California (looking out over the Monterey Bay).
This recording was rediscovered in a jumble-bunch of mini discs–if you can remember that flash-in-the-pan format–only last week. I made my first round of rough chapter edits, and here is part 6 out of 32.
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steve fly agaric 23

just a few things that wus’ running through my heeed

Preservation of the self

to jump ship
and join the self
preservation society
resist creeping humility
the others
the 7 billion or so
others here on planet earth
kill or be killed
no its program or be
programmed and so
both and more
all for your genes the pool
they happen to come from
did you ask to be born
to the genetic and class
you ended up in?
the elite and the high brow
looking down from top dog spot
moral superiority to go with
privilage and invisible righteousness
those who are stupid
and damn sure
stupid and certain
those know-it-all

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free speech. work in progress

free speech speech about white wash bleach and a poetry peach wishing on sunsbeach political son of a bitch makes my nerves twitch turns the black pitch sketch my thoughts which scratch the laws itch
defined by the resilience of the people against slavery freedom sits bound and gagged ground and slagged off abused and bruised by news crews on a snooze cruise to your oceanbrain drain what about MLK and JFK Ezra Pound and Assange James Joyce and Bruno Socrates and Snowdon what about Glenn Greenwald Binney and Hastings Swartz & RAW 111 and Chelsea Manning what about Turing what about Wil Reich Tim Leary and David Icke Chris Morris and Amiri Baraka what about John Lennon Freedom of speech but with the consequence of death threats or worse the curse of authority on a non believer pun be weaver fakebeliver patsy cake speech free