just a few things that wus’ running through my heeed

Preservation of the self

to jump ship
and join the self
preservation society
resist creeping humility
the others
the 7 billion or so
others here on planet earth
kill or be killed
no its program or be
programmed and so
both and more
all for your genes the pool
they happen to come from
did you ask to be born
to the genetic and class
you ended up in?
the elite and the high brow
looking down from top dog spot
moral superiority to go with
privilage and invisible righteousness
those who are stupid
and damn sure
stupid and certain
those know-it-all

do not forget that each and
every human being thinks and
feels and desires and loves
not just your family and friends
and here comes everybody
the hyperdiversity and
multiplatform entities
take your fucking racist elite
and rot on your island
selfish and centralized
authoritarian and
ruthless and gangster
yes we need a serial killer in
no room for suspended judgement
or philosophy
no time for humanitas and
for the long poem
give me tweets and slogans
vote forget trust confuse
and those with wish to keep it
all to themselves by hook and
by crook and by fucking the
working class in the ass
over and over again…

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