GULF OIL SPILL POEM from October 2009

When I first heard about the Oil rig explosion on 4/20 (2010) I quickly thought about my writing dedicated to the SUPER MAJOR’s of the OIL GAME, and in particular BP, that I turned to BRITISH PETROILMEN.

I consider some lines in the poem pretty spot on considering what happened since writing and posting it. Bringing the worlds at-tension to the SUPER MAJORS, fossil fuels, oil, war and greedy irresponsible international corporate terrorism.

I hope to have balanced the bad oil boys and their igonorance with some beauty and intelligence of our Mermaid’s, the sea shells and ocean life of clean goodness, love, steve fly.

COPENHAGEN INTERPRETATION 2009: What Poetry? Shannanigums Wave Book III Chapter XII by flyagaric23

Us clams must stick apart” –Feudal Baron Periwinkle III.

Aphrodite rose from sea foam in film. Merry Mermaid & love goddess surfinn her scallop chariot through twisted arms of godsoilmen and sludge. She has risen to meet the supermajors to balance scales and dance to the finnance seers circe song. Gulf scoop. Venus Arise! Awake. Hail Eris! Drink snail wine and toast to King scallop, loops. Sail up Botticelli’s shell birth canal, known by cockle, hat and staff, Cruz’ past oily Slick Cheney news. We roe under the sign, past energy task force positions. The Galloping Scallop clad man of greek myth. The Knights bejewelled in clam lips and kisses. Rich blue Oil spill or mother of pearl? Like blended parrots and dead plankton, mixed emulsions. Beautiful Miss. Oil Spill?

Crude awakening to the spill-age. A Collosal squid princess riding old Jakobsschelp to help a Hutch load of old scallops rise out the Seafloor Blues. Deep sea things speak! Lo! Scallops of the ocean down by the great rising Chiefs. Take Big Periwinkle into your earshell. Smell the sign, touch the symbol, has it got ridges? Dreams cast to sea to see in a Venus shell in a mother of pearl breast. Dead Plankton in the paint painted on Saints of the swamp. And the city sewers flow. Heed the clam of commerce and the cockle-shock shimmy. A shell of transfusion, what sea-shell sign symbol confusion. Emerging on a horse covered in Scallops? Yes, Prince Periwinkle gallops-up stream like Salmon. Skullops for one shelling a dollop. Sea wave-wind Mussels flex into fossils. Oh, more yet, invisible smell of oilamp from the limpet. The Penis of Mr. Big Periwinkle is swelling, a telling sign of the times. Lets Oil the Oystery of Oil, and stir with a staff, lets foil Big sharks, get shocked, struck coil! Row roe with the Tide Swell batter and salt. Swim with the titanic Sementic shift, up out the shell, again, to tell a snail tale of the planetary shaft.

Son’s of Thunder Juice, Snel, quick up to defend the word. A sea slug with untold feet, runs with you. Hoily Tools of the Big Petrol scoop and scope scheme, wallops the marine scene with unclean oil sheen. Another spellage. Ocean deep n’ blue, packed full of shell-rooms, true teachers of petrochem generation X. Drill here. Rise up like foam, Alexthunder Oil the Shah Cockle and the unseen shellhand scoop, arise fortuna. Waxy Parrot Snot in the sea banks, how to dress up a death spill? Casting Shells – The wavy lines trace swellmighty calm. His Loch’ Holiness the Buddhaclam Caliph of Pearl of the Santiago Shell mound gate tell us, what fate? Great clam emperor of the Mollusca lineage, Big Up your shelf. By nature the sign, 500 Million years of geometry spun, sings in holy brine water, the Duke Periwinkle Clam tissue of ivory Sheen? Look down the well. Oily DEA and ivory salt newspaper scalps litter our vessel, truth and beauty from underwater vents, meanwhile oilmen pollute the ocean-Green with sculpted Pipe lines, crime waves of DEA projects, No Oildea how sticky their handshells.

To the Great Old One’s, please hear us and help a sign-sailor resist a supermajor temptress, blackmailing a redesign. Each cell on the Shell glitters and does not glisten. Clamco on our sex organs. Oil spill, pipe-line, spoil, Usury, coercion, interference with the flow. Oyster Gods of ancient oceans sculpt the wave and weave pearls for serpents teeth to sew. WWII elixir prohibition, in the name of thy snakeoil potions, Rise, Oh. Sea-meat wonders with one hundred eyes that dwell upon Old heraldic shields, Rise up like bubbles and show us your shape. If only Molluscs could grow wings? Dutch English American statistics, more scallops? Roam the ocean wide with the Sigil of Galloping shells tells a whale of a trial of a clam, with snapping hinge teeth. Big Blood and loot (bleep) swinging from the Scallops pole, I and Shelly, and our Seal: Koninklijk. A Toast to Scallops and the food of Godzilla, and the marvel of Clam propulsion.

Venus come surfing on a scallop, leading with a shell in hat and staff in hand. Scholar. Mussel Swimming down Saint James’s glory-gate to stealth Oil Cow & coo. Scoop it. And the church Redlips TTOTTAL Informollusc. Sculp. Crude awakening. Cockoily and Crude Millions scalloped out of the earth’s. Intimidated pilgrims raise a Church shoal. To the Botticelli Shell-mex, mix, to the – Supermajor – noGods’ and the shall he, Shall he not trotter. Heart of calcite, home of crystal. Toil to swim with the ASA Esso sponsors. Pick a Shell and drink James Juice. The sacred periwinkle proportions, now sea gold. Periwinkle Cockle and aragonite Shillyshellying, on land we’re all out of gas? Gaia Scalp flake, dry rot and sun burn, Crashing oil and Blood in similar waves, Half-mollusc, half man with a vulva Cuthulu cult riding a Periwinkle to shore, to soil on past British Patrolingmen. Deep Rejoice – Skol – of the sea leagues 93’000 species of Mollusc, calcium from sea, Saint James Juice “No thankyou.” Oh, resurrecting Periwinkle is forbidden? Greenwash be damned, HOLY Scollop of truth Swim on your way! Oh, Mollusc gas around pilgrims Hands. Scooping the word. Praise the Count of cockles who calculates the calcium content. Re-shore em’ that Oystery has Pearls. Barons to protect the crust. Don’t drill, hear! The silver pink flesh remaining of ocean Sheild. What pearls lie in the sign. Schaaldrake Unreeled from the Well, winds blowing above the abyss of humanity.

A clamber of underwater James shimmer “What the devil’s covering you, old directors?” The Hat clamp too. Holy floor, must be peak oil time! Shall we use our gills to push? Praise oceans Brand waves. The fisherman on fire, Oil brigade, fire brigade. What Sustenance? Entangled oil pipline artery of earth rot? Well well well, Oil be damned! eyel. The stolen dead plankton. The dead seamen-oil-blood transfusion. The Tectonic shifts and shafts. Swallow the shilly-shally sea and go a’ rumaging. A mussel bound wisdom tongue in a Dutch pit. Venus in shell, that feminine Scallop. Beware the starfish and oystercatchers and Condi Rice. Our boat enters the earshells of Leviathon. Seers are feeding, so meditate on bivalvia underground and grow new ears. Total germs. Sea worms fight back. Please dive off the Euro board and Rejoice for James Juice. Hoily Houses Haunt Oystery sauce. The currents of Oysery in the Musselmen’s. How to Oil the machine and then stir, sir?

Scallop filtration of nature Mouth pit. Hermaphrodite Samuel of the black-gold waters. Global eyes of the oceanic gleam where Ibskal speak of sea diamonds, pearls and disturb the Calm mud. Look Deep, look well , lick the James Juice-oil, drink the poison and ride the snake to the pit of Saint DEA, to planet Exo-Clamboil. Elders send word of hope, inducing Amanita Mollusca. Sometides wash nutrients up Ripples of the great allrudy wish-ways prepear’d with proportions of Baron periwinkles dimples. Chevrollop, clamswallop, wham. Big Shh’ galaxy, in silence. And inside the noble clam chamber Mr. Mussel finds shelter from transfusions and Cockledoom on a dinner plate. Oh shil, you supermajor logo shystirs. Rumble of waves around scalloped edge – where Venus teleports – to visit ecstatic ten-thousand. And Brand new standards, drink the ocean ink of clam soup. Ingest the Hoily Ocean Extracts from the me-a-ning Well, it’s all for the best. Wade through the bauxite, don’t step on our eggshares show foresight. Juice the wellwell markets, be merry, speak into these eggshawls. Schelp, I need some clammy mammy? Muscle and sperm of capitol, testoss and hydrocarbons, Thankyou, the pearls really shine. 500 Million years of Scallop evolution sculpted from chalk with tyme.

Real Crotch Oil spread and royal Roe Smoothie. The synchro-swimming around the OVA, mixing a schaal alliance. Pink into the black current. Shellfish swim for ecosystem and it’s edges. The taste and Zap, filtering compost on sea-bed, the underwater awakening, like Fungus, the Clam infiltrates the swill. Heaven and Hell, the birth of Lucifer von Periwinkle and his Kingdom Oilmen! Lo, the chatter and Swell, the Venus and the Vulva. Marian’s Well. Like a Mermaid’s, always moist. Master of devices and of painted Green weeds. Grow. A Pilgrim Artefact slyjacked. Marian! Murmur and maid, with comb and mirror, homeless, Comb exchanged for a clam-pick to pluck Lyre songs. Merry tinkles of shells and deep-blues for heads. Oh yeah, to schell the proof to buy the truth. Sea Red and sigil read. Michelle, and her pink mantle. Swimming with our vows to explore the edges of the Sun. Elixir of Baron Periwinkle makes a tasty tipple. A tale maybe a virus. Vile us! With a treacherous hijacked Scallop – snapping – at your toe, out to out brand Oil. Way out. Respect the Hoily mollusc of Saint James. These Claims of holy clams clamp down on Baron Periwinkle’s clump, so Dive down and pry benearth. The Venus Mermaiden has risen from the sea to show you her she-sails.

WP is for WORLD PISS: 30 Seals. Paragraph Index.

1. Fli-Tunes
2. Puns n’ dope
3. A symphony of Galactic randyrants
4. My poem translates from Delphine
5. Burnt tales hot in my GUCT
6. Fable spun and fumbled on a Churnteabell
7. Why swim against the Rivers flow
8. Relax, easy glide past micro dot bubbles
9. River banks lead to an ocean of interest?
10. Now i’m hooked on DMT
11. Lots of dope in my sound system
12. Swimming for immortality
13. If Santa decided to cash in all his electronic gifts
14. Re-nuwell and redevelopment of Rivers
15. Experiments from the beating beefheart of the blackcountry
16. I have filled my pen with a Silver bullet
17. Gun-metal tone-armies fire a diamond tipped Stylus
18. 2012: 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic
19. Fli CAL. Book. Sight. TUNES. Photo. Disc. POD
20. Open the discussion. Stop the chatter. Star speaking
21. The Grit hall of records
22. Tables of Curryspundsundays
23. The willows darken on the River embankment
24. Toad Fool. Kicker-Stool
25. Breakfast spun on a Golden moldy threaded platter
26. Killingry helps Humanity go hungry
27. Environmental pollyticks
28. How to represent the invisible hands
29. Swimming my troubles away
30. Tone’s of bluetooth
31. The Lunatic in the street
32. The Rivers are our Thothers
33. Sunstar groove rider.
34. Meanwhile thrift store Pharmacia
35. Drink my Sun
36. River banks steer the currents
37. Pantherina cokeri Cubensis
38. Todays the day the earth went bloomington
39. Tokeen Bloem
40. Golden chariots blaze
41. MONOPOLY Everyware
42. Peace comes of communicaxion
43. Termteabell RE:volution
44. Juxtaposition without copula?
45. The Toad voodoo juice
46. The Rivers, and industry meet
47. Swimming concerned with the environment
48. Did we travel to earth as chemical code language within a star-spore?
49. A PSI Fly history
50. Fly
51. Canal renewall project
52. I remember the Rivers of california
53. Fly lekker and
54. This is the secret. Shhh
55. A Tree. A Branch
56. The TOE of Ez
57. Slippery Toad shit n’ mist
58. We are all hyperboreans!
59. With a hint of crimsun
60. Help the River flower Ackrillocrakakrash
61. Swimming the sour
62. Stour, little Stour
63. Teach your children well
64. Swimming in the Black Country
65. Mark my spitz
66. Tribetables are autofac’ing themselves into elf chemists
67. Knu Stylus brushnozzle spurting clouds of mymist!
68. Study and read the wake each day
69. Slymming in my pulpit
70. Puzzle-maze
71. The operation of bicycles
72. All words easy come easy blow
73. Ode to Toad, ode to floy
74. Sunrose over the River
75. Fisherman hook a spider
76. Swimming upstream
77. Ar bin Golden at the 2012 oilixpix
78. 1894
79. Leonardo Da Banshee
80. How can i explain these audio experiences from memory?
81. Cooking and smoking hot at Sunset tinflash
82. A Monsoon and tidal joy feast
83. Crystal ballshit gazing
84. Talking about it in short bursts
85. Liberty Caps and freedom hats
86. LiveeviL. get up with it!
87. Tao is in the dung
88. Blue thunder thumbs half notes
89. As the stars fizzle out the wind brings the Sun
90. I dream of Swimming free as salmon in local Rivers
91. Tap dancing crickets
92. Knitted rainbow garments
93. Swimming knows no grammar
94. Silver scales and gills
95. Happy holidays
96. A reci.pie for a deceptive Foreign language police-see
97. Gordon Brown texture like a straw-man
98. Baby Zeus
99. Week Nuclear powered Christmess in the Weast
100. LyfCap Museyroom
101. Imagine if apple computers were called Mushroom computers
102. Salmon and Gold rings inside post box
103. Bezerka. Ode to HER
104. Flywave
105. Birth your craftyraft
106. Termteabell technique
107. Pillowspeckled constellation
108. New years eve 1999
109. Fli-wave Steers waterwavewishing
110. Early morning animation of a nation
111. Mummble bummble hummble Gold
112. Round and round like a caged mouse
113. The supreme being of infinite stupidity and ignorance
114. Sheeple and shepherd, fences and social hedgerows
115. Reach escape velocity
116. Each wrinkle of her tongue
117. Rivers open up where my veins once were
118. Logik reason and aseed loops dispersed in all directions
119. Golden soma juice and the absence of Gold
120. Jesuspect was replaced by a stunt double
121. Drosphilia Toad’dead
122. But Why?
123. Peach flavored Mammamud-Microphilm signals
124. Phase delay echo-compression
125. Thrones. Kings. Herows and ViVillains
126. Recirculating River
127. Create a interpenetrated image
128. Yarvard Oxridge directions
129. Grow on, up and spreadsheet
130. Slanguage seems to be like an energy virus in my GUCT
131. Using just severn tea bags
132. Mold in translation
133. The new vine punch
134. Nu wyne flowing
135. Ice Birch
136. So let the Goldenbullshit Fly
137. Dead lungwaj 32 Phase Meal
138. Locull Telepathic Internet kafs
139. Dutch. Black Country. Irish?
140. Freer than wind, Ting
141. Taka Ting, something about “trees”
142. Power of Moons in runes
143. Termteabells became the clarity
144. Call me
145. Some things
146. Detonated upon cyclic Termteabell platters
147. Re:volution and direct transmission
148. I’ve been Captured and kissed
149. Silver Moon Spinning
150. The new flesh
151. A historical Ill com
152. Mapping fine network of fibers
153. Softwar and padded weapons
154. CorpseManure.
155. I-style point of view. Knu
156. Training mycelia to grow on different media
157. Looking deeper
158. Words slaving audio
159. Swimming inside a virtual seal/Calendar
160. My ‘pion is like a green River
161. Where [is] Today gone?
162. The day after 21st december
163. Lief lights reflected into Genetic-king kode
164. Fly-by day’s Fly-by
165. Vote for yourself, your friends, family and interests
166. Sucking Apple mind sap
167. Praise to the Sun
168. Crystal ball room
169. My poem Captured by police
170. Gail the travel assistant
171. Eye brew kryptoday tonight and tomorrow
172. Coming fourth by day
173. My poems red all over itself
174. Taffy went putty-colour
175. Deep blue tide
176. Turn em all over meme
177. Are we standing it?
178. Pink Dolphin whistles
179. Lift up the bulls tail and look the facts in the face.
180. Our silence
182. Perfect into your blueberry cave
183. Amrita Arousing thunder growth
184. Dyslexiconspiritor
185. Moist to touch like a Bufo Toad
186. What we sear never resides in what we say
187. My tale. with no properties omitted or isolated
188. Splicing and dicing insects with human genomes
189. Look beneath Birch trees on the hills190. World Pissing
191. Mycelium audio network
192. A web on a log fell’d from a Birch tree.
193. History of corpses and ghosts dancing,
194. To End wars start a new,
195. Be the one to experiment
196. Swimmink up nine loqc’ and chainmakers arms backstroke
197. What must it be like to be a pebble.
198. The Apocalypse has been postponed
209. Screaming aloud
200. Full of love.
201. Swimming and “STOP”
202. The Sunrose
203. Forrest television channel 7
204. The Grasshopper Flies when it wants to Fly.

30 Seals

Spore Of The Words

by Steven Pratt




English ar wydely con.sidered fust modem
Society to develoop swimmin aza sport
And, Poiklitics as a soggy tea bag tale

Ar bin terested in swimmin un’ splish sposhin’
Cashin sports. Riffy Cash scams bore me
Dryland based libconbore politikx
Bourgeoisee yow
Bore me,,,

April 1, 1974: Mosh up a’ former cownty borough of
Dude-ley, with the Burroughs of Alesowing
And flouridge.

Button the market peepull “vote”
With their own wonga tickets
And so them’s with mowa wonga get mowwa “votes”
Inherited, or wage layba produced survival tickets
Ou cares?

Arf soaked public lyke brainbathed fish
Them vaguely aware of the cut in which they swim.
Ar bin golden at the 2012 oilixpix

1837: Fust paddlin comps held in London’s splashing pools.
July of 1967: Doodley con.cill ban yokles swimming in Lodge Farm Rezza
Because… swimmers were becoming obstructions
To boats on the water
July 20th, 1967: Pablo Neruda receives the fust Viareggio-Versile prize.

1987: Teaurbridge floetry Club wus demolishevelled by Mudley Clownsilly
Cuz it wuz riffy, and them replaced it with leisure pond fur blooming 90’s
Leisure and disinvestment indus.try
Very noyse, but unsuitable fur competitive swimuming.
7th January, 1869: furst meating of Amateur Slimming

4th June, 1901: Ourbridge Floetry Club founded as
Pablo Picasso exhibits his paintings in Paris fur the fust tyme
They feet. acrobats,
Harlequins, prostitutes, beggars, scrubbas and artists.

Deslumber 31st 2005: Untied ingdome giz o’er
Her presidensea ov the Con.cill ov Eurobeen Onyin.

2nd August, 1900: Foundrynation stone of Nowourbridge
Public Baths wuss laid by Isaac Nash.
Bath water come from a well cut in local sandstown.
Annual subscription fix’d at fiyv shillyns
Juss 25 pence, a bargain for a 12 yerolt kid
Werkin 60 hours a week for 2.d in a myne

1939-1945: Towerbridge baths closed fur public due to word war II.
17th May 1923: O.pen air swimming bath med at Stiridge

3:30, 31st December 2005, Brierley ill Leisure Centre
Closed. By DudMetBoCou.
72 con.cillors, representing 24 wairds
Both an electoryall boundary and
A divizion within a horse pickle

1894: Brierley Hill comes n’ di.strict
Under the yocal yobernment Akt of 1894.

2006: There are 23 olympic sized cuts in the YUK. England 15,
Scotland 4, Ireland 2 and Wales 1.
1 iz under con.struction
At the Merry’ Hell shampooing center
Poiklitics seems lyk a pools lottery in 2006x

An Oilympic Pool is 25m wyd
Depth ov 2.0m minymum
50m in length, while the 25m width
Allows for 8 laynes, each 2.5m whyd
With an extra 2 spaces of 2.5m wyd outside oss rowds 1 and 8.
2.5 x 8 tracks = 20m + (2.5m x 2) = 25m in total as

1896 and 1906, women could’nt participate in
Oilympic gairms cuz…
Baron Pierre de Coubertin eld firmly to the rumpant conservative
Dogma of the Victoryian eara, that women wuz too
Frail to engage in competitive sports.

I lyke competition in the cut. I lyk fun sports.
Yet privatization wud not never ever resalt in tru competition
If a natural monopoly exists wool it?
Your Scrumpin’ our orchards!

Conlablibortive Burroughs talktics:
Slaving urban language Sub-contracts with precise
Gaffers waffle

1960: British conernments Beeching Actx hijack
The costs ov running the British tram system by pullin’
The plug, on what them considered to be unprofitable riffy” railway lyons

Among uver tings, Leonardo Da Vinshe wrote about flow>
Of water in rivers, and ow flow zeffected
By various obstacles in er’ row’d

Ow ya transfurring propertea
From public ownership to private merchant ownerships?
And/or, both/and… transfiguring the monagemint
Of a service or activitea from an arf soaked gaffernment…
To the private pocket secta
Who issues it, How?
Rekkids are set crooked
With some Doodley Burrough accense

1917: S.F.C Motto crafted upon the S. Coat of donnies.
Bridge and 2 gold’n froots,
Gold Fleace suspunded by black Chains of Skin
And Leather Dressing LTD.
Chayn Cable Industries, and them hanging sheeple.
‘1 heart, 1 why’, singleness of mind and
Purpoise. To steer, shepard, pilot, escort, swimmer.
1 pool, 3 million folks. No wey serviam.
Are yow billdin pools in Iraq for babe lovers that YOU liberated?

March 1990: After many swummers protest throughout Thatchers late 1980’s
With signs and LOUD chanting
The grystal Leisure Centre wuz born, twice
Pun historic baths jed corpse
It re:open.ed con.plete wid gravy machine,
Ellefonts, Bond.i beach beats and
A Non-competitive swimming pund.

Will a swimmer be free’d from yampy chains of capitalist slaverewind
When they docked away our baths for them’s private
Pools, private betting and private gaming crackers

Britomartis Triton Leucothoea Posedawone

Acrillic Figa