English ar wydely con.sidered fust modem
Society to develoop swimmin aza sport
And, Poiklitics as a soggy tea bag tale

Ar bin terested in swimmin un’ splish sposhin’
Cashin sports. Riffy Cash scams bore me
Dryland based libconbore politikx
Bourgeoisee yow
Bore me,,,

April 1, 1974: Mosh up a’ former cownty borough of
Dude-ley, with the Burroughs of Alesowing
And flouridge.

Button the market peepull “vote”
With their own wonga tickets
And so them’s with mowa wonga get mowwa “votes”
Inherited, or wage layba produced survival tickets
Ou cares?

Arf soaked public lyke brainbathed fish
Them vaguely aware of the cut in which they swim.
Ar bin golden at the 2012 oilixpix

1837: Fust paddlin comps held in London’s splashing pools.
July of 1967: Doodley con.cill ban yokles swimming in Lodge Farm Rezza
Because… swimmers were becoming obstructions
To boats on the water
July 20th, 1967: Pablo Neruda receives the fust Viareggio-Versile prize.

1987: Teaurbridge floetry Club wus demolishevelled by Mudley Clownsilly
Cuz it wuz riffy, and them replaced it with leisure pond fur blooming 90’s
Leisure and disinvestment indus.try
Very noyse, but unsuitable fur competitive swimuming.
7th January, 1869: furst meating of Amateur Slimming

4th June, 1901: Ourbridge Floetry Club founded as
Pablo Picasso exhibits his paintings in Paris fur the fust tyme
They feet. acrobats,
Harlequins, prostitutes, beggars, scrubbas and artists.

Deslumber 31st 2005: Untied ingdome giz o’er
Her presidensea ov the Con.cill ov Eurobeen Onyin.

2nd August, 1900: Foundrynation stone of Nowourbridge
Public Baths wuss laid by Isaac Nash.
Bath water come from a well cut in local sandstown.
Annual subscription fix’d at fiyv shillyns
Juss 25 pence, a bargain for a 12 yerolt kid
Werkin 60 hours a week for 2.d in a myne

1939-1945: Towerbridge baths closed fur public due to word war II.
17th May 1923: O.pen air swimming bath med at Stiridge

3:30, 31st December 2005, Brierley ill Leisure Centre
Closed. By DudMetBoCou.
72 con.cillors, representing 24 wairds
Both an electoryall boundary and
A divizion within a horse pickle

1894: Brierley Hill comes n’ urb.an di.strict
Under the yocal yobernment Akt of 1894.

2006: There are 23 olympic sized cuts in the YUK. England 15,
Scotland 4, Ireland 2 and Wales 1.
1 iz under con.struction
At the Merry’ Hell shampooing center
Poiklitics seems lyk a pools lottery in 2006x

An Oilympic Pool is 25m wyd
Depth ov 2.0m minymum
50m in length, while the 25m width
Allows for 8 laynes, each 2.5m whyd
With an extra 2 spaces of 2.5m wyd outside oss rowds 1 and 8.
2.5 x 8 tracks = 20m + (2.5m x 2) = 25m in total as

1896 and 1906, women could’nt participate in
Oilympic gairms cuz…
Baron Pierre de Coubertin eld firmly to the rumpant conservative
Dogma of the Victoryian eara, that women wuz too
Frail to engage in competitive sports.

I lyke competition in the cut. I lyk fun sports.
Yet privatization wud not never ever resalt in tru competition
If a natural monopoly exists wool it?
Your Scrumpin’ our orchards!

Conlablibortive Burroughs talktics:
Slaving urban language Sub-contracts with precise
Gaffers waffle

1960: British conernments Beeching Actx hijack
The costs ov running the British tram system by pullin’
The plug, on what them considered to be unprofitable riffy” railway lyons

Among uver tings, Leonardo Da Vinshe wrote about flow>
Of water in rivers, and ow flow zeffected
By various obstacles in er’ row’d

Ow ya transfurring propertea
From public ownership to private merchant ownerships?
And/or, both/and… transfiguring the monagemint
Of a service or activitea from an arf soaked gaffernment…
To the private pocket secta
Who issues it, How?
Rekkids are set crooked
With some Doodley Burrough accense

1917: S.F.C Motto crafted upon the S. Coat of donnies.
Bridge and 2 gold’n froots,
Gold Fleace suspunded by black Chains of Skin
And Leather Dressing LTD.
Chayn Cable Industries, and them hanging sheeple.
‘1 heart, 1 why’, singleness of mind and
Purpoise. To steer, shepard, pilot, escort, swimmer.
1 pool, 3 million folks. No wey serviam.
Are yow billdin pools in Iraq for babe lovers that YOU liberated?

March 1990: After many swummers protest throughout Thatchers late 1980’s
With signs and LOUD chanting
The grystal Leisure Centre wuz born, twice
Pun historic baths jed corpse
It re:open.ed con.plete wid gravy machine,
Ellefonts, Bond.i beach beats and
A Non-competitive swimming pund.

Will a swimmer be free’d from yampy chains of capitalist slaverewind
When they docked away our baths for them’s private
Pools, private betting and private gaming crackers

Britomartis Triton Leucothoea Posedawone

Acrillic Figa

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