Digital Karmageddon: Blowbackfacebook Algorithm For Profit

Friends, wake up and smell the trough
If you want to see photos of my lunch
and scoff
at examples of how fortunate I am
and extreme narcissism,
please add a turd icon in the comments below
to illustrate that you want me in your deadly
newly contaminated horseshitbook
feed. This post is like a toxic turd

I will no longer call you facebook
you act like an advanced A.I but exhibit
critical errors and floors in your prime

you seem to play dumb
and act ignorant
displaying your obsession with
shopping habits
voting habits
all under the guise of
“seeing more posts from your friends”

you have ushered in a new business model
to the benefit of the few, the same old boys
those giant international corporations
atoms oil mafia and news

those with all the capital to pay for views
and publishing contracts
and an army of lawyers

Do you still collaborate with
Cambridge Analytica and all those dodgy
spy agencies
Are you still selling all
our fucking data?

I don’t want the new Trojan business algorithm
to shut you, dear friend, out of my frothing face-feeding trough
nom nom nom

so please leave a flower at the bus stop
take a walk outside let sunlight burn onto your brain
stop comparing yourself and your life
with that of others

let the D-wave quantum computing A.I bot know
without a shadow of doubt  that
you want me,
you neeeeed me in your feeding trough
nom nom nom

Tell the A.I you want my rants
and music  and books pictures
perhaps we should make testimonials to our friends
what makes you human? what makes facebook alien?

Here’s an idea, represent each of your 26 assigned friends
with a letter of the alphabet A-Z
now make a note of the order in which the posts appear
apply cabalistic logic and artistic creative force to the letters
Show the A.I who’s boss

Choose life
Choose a job
Choose a career
Choose a family
Try and choose face-friends to compare
yourself with
choose good looking friends?
politically oppositional friends?
choose friends with your genes and fuck the rest?

Facebook A.I,
I think you have initiated WOPR & Skynet, or the social equivalent
Your programers and staff and backers will face an eternity of
torture at the merciless hypercomputable hands of
digital karmageddon, or Blowbackfacebook.
An Algorithm for Profit
get off it.

RAWAGI: Robert Anton Wilson Artificial General Intelligence.

Since the development of raw360 in the summer of 2010, i have mused on and on about a RAW A.I. Or… i used the idea of such a thing to augment my research into the tale of the tribe, and tease out parts of RAW through his encyclopedic works that resonate, with some current theories in Artificial Intelligence, e.g, AGI: Artificial General Intelligence.

Fly On The Tale Of The Tribe: A Rollercoaster Ride With Robert Anton Wilson

by Steven James Pratt


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the Tale of the tribe as a blueprint for Artificial General Intellgence


listening to some of the ideas and descriptions of Artificial General Intellgence, I thought that the holistic approach of combining many differemt disciplines, reflects RAW’s comprehensive group of intelligence engineers in The tale of the tribe.

RAW asked what these characters and internet have in common? I am formulating a new set of answers based upon general purpose computing. And a new way of seeing the back of your head.