A Synergetic Approach To Coronavirus Treatments

Here's my comment to a video by Dr. John Campbell I strongly recommend. My 5c. Thanks John and Rob. Great to hear praise for synergistic approach: whole systems behaviour opposed to over-focus on isolated parts, plus reflecting the hippocratic oath to primarily protect the patient. Amen to that. This reminds me of the complexities of … Continue reading A Synergetic Approach To Coronavirus Treatments


THOUGHTS AND TRAJECTORIES ON THE IMPACT OF CORONAVIRUS AND ITS COUNTERMEASURES ON UK EVENTS. “Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand.”--Wavy Gravy, Woodstock, 1969. Safe! Hi, Steve Fly reporting for duty. DJ, drummer originally from West Midlands, living in Amsterdam. I want to share thoughts on uncertainty … Continue reading LET THE MUSIC PLAY

Pandemic Time – Mark Pesce

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKB_HjC4qd8 Of all the individuals mapping and modeling the global coronavirus pandemic, Mark Pesce has proved the most consistent, clear and concise. And he's able to share what he knows and can fess' up what he does not know. For me, Mark, together with Cory Doctorow and Bruce Sterling are leading voices of post-pandemic futurism. … Continue reading Pandemic Time – Mark Pesce

My Dudley Newsquest For Numbers Concerning Russells Hall Hospital

Dudley Muddley Pudding And Lies? How many? What are the numbers? What are the existing numbers, approx. I'd personally like to hear less soundbites and see the numbers backing claims. Too much to ask? There’s seems disagreement on how prepared Russells Hall hospital is to cope with Covid-19. (Or what the word “sufficient actually means...numbers?) … Continue reading My Dudley Newsquest For Numbers Concerning Russells Hall Hospital