A Synergetic Approach To Coronavirus Treatments

Here’s my comment to a video by Dr. John Campbell I strongly recommend.

My 5c. Thanks John and Rob. Great to hear praise for synergistic approach: whole systems behaviour opposed to over-focus on isolated parts, plus reflecting the hippocratic oath to primarily protect the patient. Amen to that. This reminds me of the complexities of the entourage effect, the whole is more than…the sum of its parts. Synergy may also help us grok the unintuitive details about T-cells that can protect, and/or T-cells that suppress, and/or T-cells that facilitate the immune system response…depending. It seems to me, if I understand correctly, that the Omicron mutation (in step with natural evolution of corona viruses and previous pandemics) now stays in the mucosal area (throat, nose, mouth) and so is less likely to travel deeper into lower airways and cause severe disease. Good news. Future intelligent strategies may include early treatment (drugs) to keep virus in the mucosal zone, plus consider longer periods between vaccines. Robust research (independent of manufacturers) on both mRNA vs. classical (Adenovirus vaccines) is required, and effects of unregulated amounts of antigen. Finally, these findings need to be communicated and implemented in public body health programs.  

John Campbell, Youtube Channel.

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