Occupy by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle

Sounds Fly: Music Writing by Steven James Pratt et al. Link: http://a.co/9OHmjhJ http://www.rawillumination.net/2016/04/new-steve-fly-pratt-music-release-has.html Did a little shopping this morning — just bought a  digital copy of the new album Occupy by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle. The band's drummer and one of its main songwriters is my friend Steve "Fly" Pratt who has a big group of RAW related websites … Continue reading Occupy by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle


For the OCCUPY movement, the people and the spirits.--Steven James Pratt (Fly Acrillic 23) Occupy Your Mind The skies The stars Occupy hearts parks forests and stores Occupy The Streets Tweets And Occupied Toilets Occupy Beats and sing to highlight deceit to foil it Occupy War Street Your Walk Banksterdam, Occupy the Vatican of worms … Continue reading OOCUPY