Episode 872 is coming from the July 10th Oil Day celebration (replacing the postponed 420 Celebration at Clio Cultivation in suburban Fint where I’m appearing under the auspices of Horner Books and Michigan Marijuana Report and featuring another hour of reefer music from the vast storehouse of tunes sent to me by one of my … Continue reading JOHN SINCLAIR RADIO SHOW 872 – HARLEM HOSPITALITY

Occupy by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle

Sounds Fly: Music Writing by Steven James Pratt et al. Link: Did a little shopping this morning — just bought a  digital copy of the new album Occupy by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle. The band's drummer and one of its main songwriters is my friend Steve "Fly" Pratt who has a big group of RAW related websites … Continue reading Occupy by Dr Marshmallow Cubicle