RAW Sharing: Fly On The Tale Of The Tribe: A Rollercoaster Ride With Robert Anton Wilson by Steven James Pratt Link: http://a.co/gOGNKyV Robert Anton Wilson... Top of my list of great heroes, And he shared a wiccan-warrior vision of internet as a Global revolution, F-e-e-d-b-a-c-k Characters and equations A tale of the tribe, new conversation Language … Continue reading RAW HYPERSHARING LANGUAGE VS. THE EQUATION.

R is for RAWrientalism

RAWriental RAWrientalism. RAW: Robert Anton Wilson rientalism: Orientalism.  "The two philosophers most frequently mentioned in Finnegans Wake, Nicholas of Cusa and Bruno of Nola, taught a dialectic of resolution of opposites. Joseph Needham in his monumental Science and Civilization in China, repeatedly mentions both Bruno and Nicholas as the only two Occidental philosophers before Liebnitz … Continue reading R is for RAWrientalism