Multi-Fractal Structure Of Finnegans Wake

probably one of the best descriptions of Hologrammic Prose i have read in yonks. Quoted from the Guardian Newspaper by Alison Flood. Noyse wairk. --Fly “The absolute record in terms of multifractality turned out to be Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. The results of our analysis of this text are virtually indistinguishable from ideal, purely mathematical … Continue reading Multi-Fractal Structure Of Finnegans Wake


Joyce's 'pancosmos' may still yet send shock waves throughout the physics Cluster community consciousness...may yet, may yet. (and the global internet by default) if we would give equal credit to the inner-space of mind-like spaces, & the outer-space and external phenomena: still mind-like in fact, I guess... see our faulty wonky perception, the Shadows often … Continue reading Stephen Hawking: RIVERRUN ENVIRONS.