On David Deutsch

Some off the cuff thoughts, after watching too much Deutsch. Respect.

David Deutsch proves to be a great Englishman, to me. A part of the future puzzle for sure. Quantum supreme butter. Maybe you’ve heard of him before, he’s a scientist, physicist and seasoned academic, and most importantly, a brilliant communicator and speaker. In the tradition of Richard Feynman, David soars through the language, presenting a tantalizing and instructive combination of fact and metaphor, in a big picture. Inclusive, critical, conjecture.

I technically understand little of the mathematical and physics principles at the heart of David’s raps, but holding a pet interest in physics and fringe ideas, as a result of immersing myself in the works of Robert Anton Wilson, I find David’s complete picture very attractive, and worth an attempt at putting into words. You can quickly and easily pull up his Wikipedia entry and find a lifetime study in the deeply complex subject matter. Go at it if you wish, search for his lectures and presentations, you will not be disappointed, I hope. There are some really important concepts to me, that I find uniquely and brilliantly communicated by David, let me try and tease them out in my Black Country minded logic. Please forgive any errors, and I’ll be happy to accept any corrections.

(Takes a deep breath) for your consideration, two words. Finnegans Wake. “Pancosmos”. Due to what I view as David’s stepping out from purely physics and mathematical language, to bring back the findings in parable and a flowing natural language, causing one to think. David is on the periphery of poetry and history, unification, of more than academic study, toward the life of the mind, epistemology and cognitive studies. For me, David Deutsch eloquently describes and updates a part of what I  call “The language and physics of Robert Anton Wilson”. What’s that? Read Quantum Psychology, Coincidance, and the Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy.

RAW wrote eloquently and in many styles, about the hard questions raised by physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics and relativity. I’m biased, but it strikes me that his habit for reaching out into many other academic domains, and cultural phenomena beyond the limits of Academia, remains the unique lasting quality that sets him apart from the rest. To mean, the language of Unity, including poetry, I argue, enriches the communications beyond what traditional scientific and/or Academic institutions present. As I started out by saying, David Deutsch, for me, is at the bleeding edge of Academic explorations into holism, or ideas of Unity, connectivity, and inter-connectivity, and all beautifully caged in principles from the great Karl Popper, who both RAW and Deutsch celebrated in their works and talks.

Again, to conclude, I feel that David Deutsch should seriously consider getting a copy of Finnegans Wake and reading it as he travels through his brain-body-nervous-system, at work on the forefront of big-picture physics, making sense of it all. An optimist, a connector, and I think a student of synchronicity.

Happy trails, computable and non-computables, possible and impossibles.

–Steve Fly.


p.s if only we could get Alan Moore, Bruce Sterling, David Deutsch and Alejandro Jadorowsky working on the same project. (dreams)


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