Gregory Arnott reviews Fly’s ‘Tale of the Tribe’

My broadest respects and thanks to Gregory Arnott for the kind and brilliant review, and for sharing a part of his journey, alongside and within my works.

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Gregory Arnott reviews Fly’s ‘Tale of the Tribe’

By Gregory Arnott
Special guest blogger

I was a latecomer to Maybe Logic Academy — I was there for its final hurrah in a semester that saw one of the classes I enrolled in cancelled and another with only two active students and an absentee teacher. I can’t even remember how I found out about it — something to do with how one can wander over the Internet while working a boring office job. Anyways, that was where I first heard about The Tale of the Tribe.

Later, after I had read more about the Tribe and had read TSOG where the most complete piece of information on the book was in print at the time, I was talking about it to my friend as we stood outside looking at the stars on a hot West Virginia night; Robert Anton Wilson was basically going to explain communication, the Internet, and what was going on. My friend laughed — “finally!” he exclaimed. Robert Anton Wilson had been dead at least five years.

To say that Wilson’s unfinished Tale felt like a loss is an understatement. In one issue of Alan Moore’s Tom Strong the perfect man finds his heart’s desire as an illusion conjured up by a malignant alien intelligence; a copy of Joyce’s sequel to Finnegans Wake, Finn Wakes Agen. In Steven Moore’s Somnium the protagonist in the protagonist’s novel finds himself in a library of unwritten novels. There’s something sublime about an unpublished work or some valuable manuscript lost to time; it has been easy for me to remain tantalized by the lost promise of the Tribe.

This is all a rather lengthy way to say I was excited when I saw the release of Steven “Fly” Pratt’s Fly On The Tale of the Tribe. Pratt’s book is slim but dense with information — it’s playful and thought provoking. Fly deals with the Current Situation and how Wilson’s ideas have endured into our young century; appropriately for one of the torchbearers of model agnosticism, the book is full of promise and puzzles. Like Higgs at the end of Stranger Than We Can Imagine, Pratt seems to bank on agnosticism as a solution to the increasingly chaotic information climate: but that’s beside the point as I believe Pratt is more interested in inspiration than pontification.

Much of the book is invitational — Pratt repeats throughout that it is critical to create one’s own “tale of the tribe.” One excellent example is given earlier in the book when Pratt points out that his and RAW’s cast of characters are all male — Pratt gives an example of a female “tribe” beginning with Ada Lovelace. Later in the book Fly lays out the schemes for two later tale of the tribe courses that could be reconstructed by the intrepid student. Pratt also gives a healthily circumspect view of Ezra Pound and his complicated life; at one point Pratt seems to decide upon using Ernest Fenollosa as the primary touchstone for Pound’s contribution to the tale of the tribe, ideogrammic language,  as a deft sidestep when the fascist taint becomes too much with Pound. Of course Pratt makes sure to mention that Pound’s antisemitism was a phase that the poet regretted in later life. Everyone’s happy.

The most interesting ideas, for this reader, were the discussions of the hologrammic prose exemplified by Finnegans Wake and, this part really hooked me, Alan Moore’s Jerusalem. Fly is one of the few commentators I’ve seen who have given Moore his due: Jerusalem is a monumental masterpiece that will rank high among our race’s literary achievements if Providence is kind enough to ensure some sort of posterity. Fly is able to explicate how breathtaking the scope of the work is, as it encompasses art, magic, and the facets of our reality, and we seem to have similar tastes, go figure, since we both consider the chapter “Round the Bend” as the crowning achievement of the novel. (He even shares my love of Moore’s The Black Dossier!) In many ways “Round the Bend” serves as a magnificent realization of Tom Strong’s lost novel — it is a sequel or a continuation of Finnegans Wake. The whole of Jerusalem could be seen as something similar or as an essential commentary on Joyce’s goals but that would belie the empirical majesty of Moore’s work.

While talking about the epic Cosmic Trigger play produced and directed by Daisy Eris Campbell Fly waxes rhapsodical: “Co-create a Universe, a theatre of the mind where each and everyone of us can work on many levels of synchrony, consider set and setting, speech and place. Make the invisible visible.” Marching orders to make one’s head turn.

Pratt’s little book will give the reader a lot to think about and chew on — it is a text that is meant to send you into the hinterlands of language to find the foundations of our reality. I’ve brushed over a lot of Fly’s work in the book, partly for the sake of length and partly because I am still figuring out my thoughts and plans for the ideas he brings to the table. Suffice to say that this is an indispensable piece of scholarship for the RAW fan and an all around Important Book. RAW’s original book may have not been able to come to life but Fly proves that the tale of the tribe is still being told and is ready to be explored at any moment. Personally, I’m just grateful Fly made sure to include Moore in RAW’s canon. The book’s cover art is by, the Tenniel to RAW’s Carroll, Bobby Campbell whose illustrations implicitly make a connection between Fly and the green-skinned Mescalito. Pay attention.

As a postscript to the Maybe Logic story — it was through Maybe Logic that I found Tom’s blog so even when the initial attraction is in bits and pieces it can lead to something satisfying. The tale of the tribe isn’t over until the last monkey stops squawking.

Robert Anton Wilson & Steven ‘fly’ Pratt: A Serial Killer In The Whitehouse


A teaser from my full audio interview with Dr Robert Anton Wilson, recorded at his humble home in Capitola/Live Oak/Santa Cruz, California (looking out over the Monterey Bay).
This recording was rediscovered in a jumble-bunch of mini discs–if you can remember that flash-in-the-pan format–only last week. I made my first round of rough chapter edits, and here is part 6 out of 32.
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Please listen and share my album together with John Sinclair: Mohawk.

John Sinclair – “Mohawk” cd
Released Monday 24th March 2014 by Iron Man Records

Big Chief: Getting High With John Sinclair And The Fly

by Steven James Pratt et al.


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The tale of the ‘high’ tribe

The tale of the tribe

High Time and the Counter-cultural hall of fame.

“A ganachakra (Sanskrit: gaṇacakra, or ‘gathering circle’; Tibetan: tshogs kyi ‘khor lo) is also known as tsog, ganapuja, chakrapuja or ganachakrapuja. It is a generic term for various tantric assemblies or feasts, in which practitioners meet to chant mantra, enact mudra, make votive offerings and practice various tantric rituals as part of a sadhana, or spiritual practice. The ganachakra often comprises a sacramental meal and festivities such as dancing; the feast generally consisting of materials that were considered forbidden or taboo in medieval India, where the tantric movement arose. As a tantric practice, forms of ganachakra are practiced today in both Hinduism, Bön and Vajrayana Buddhism. —TSOG

I like the idea of the Counter-cultural Hall of Fame, as developed by High Times and Steven Hager, and I’m happy that the legendary characters from America’s exulted tradition of counter-cultural revolutionaries, artists, poets, musicians and humanitarian activists in the fullest sense of that term: revolutionary. High Times magazine seem to have developed a good selection process for the Hall Of Fame and the Celebrity Cup judges, besides all the weed, the poetry and scholar activism blooms.

In his essay – T.A.Z – from the book TSOG: The thing that ate the constitution. Robert Anton Wilson writes about being picked to be a celebrity judge for the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999 and his experiences in Amsterdam. I read this essay again recently and found all sorts of cross links and descriptions of the Cannabis Cup and Amsterdam that I find irresistible to share.

1. T.A.Z or Temporary Autonomous Zone invokes Peter Lamorn Wilson, another brilliant bearded anarchist ‘scholar activist philosopher’ of the American tradition, who RAW often criss-crosses paths with when musing upon cultural revolution. Peter Lamborn Wilson’s TAZ seems to be used here as the title of Bob’s essay [see excerpt below] to help describe the unique red-light and coffeeshop Zones of Dutch tolerance here in Amsterdam, and some other parts of the Netherlands, and a generally intelligent and exemplary model.

2. William S. Burroughs was inducted into the High Times Hall of Fame in 1999, and RAW participated in the induction ceremony by reading parts from NOVA EXPRESS, a small clip of this event can be found on you tune in a video compiled based on the induction of the Beat generation into the High Times Countercultural Hall Of Fame. It was Burroughs who turned Wilson onto the 23 enigma’ and Wilson compared WSB with James Joyce as the two greatest literary entities of the 20th century.

3. The name Simon Vinkenoog was familiar to me by way of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, like so many things; who noted Simon’s work in his books, such as the tale of the Sage of Dalkey in his last published work – email to the Universe. When I arrived in Amsterdam Simon was active and a strong part of the Dutch resistance to Bullshit, mediocrity and Tsarist Occupation Government. Simon passed onwards into outer-hyperspace July 12th, 2009. Simon was recently featured upon John’s 10 show holiday extravaganza, and for me this fact makes yet another loop between American and European counter-cultural anthropology, bound together by John’s choice of musical artefacts, that continue to delight the air-waves.

Big Chief: Getting High With John Sinclair And The Fly

by Steven James Pratt et al.


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WP is for WORLD PISS: 30 Seals. Paragraph Index.

1. Fli-Tunes
2. Puns n’ dope
3. A symphony of Galactic randyrants
4. My poem translates from Delphine
5. Burnt tales hot in my GUCT
6. Fable spun and fumbled on a Churnteabell
7. Why swim against the Rivers flow
8. Relax, easy glide past micro dot bubbles
9. River banks lead to an ocean of interest?
10. Now i’m hooked on DMT
11. Lots of dope in my sound system
12. Swimming for immortality
13. If Santa decided to cash in all his electronic gifts
14. Re-nuwell and redevelopment of Rivers
15. Experiments from the beating beefheart of the blackcountry
16. I have filled my pen with a Silver bullet
17. Gun-metal tone-armies fire a diamond tipped Stylus
18. 2012: 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic
19. Fli CAL. Book. Sight. TUNES. Photo. Disc. POD
20. Open the discussion. Stop the chatter. Star speaking
21. The Grit hall of records
22. Tables of Curryspundsundays
23. The willows darken on the River embankment
24. Toad Fool. Kicker-Stool
25. Breakfast spun on a Golden moldy threaded platter
26. Killingry helps Humanity go hungry
27. Environmental pollyticks
28. How to represent the invisible hands
29. Swimming my troubles away
30. Tone’s of bluetooth
31. The Lunatic in the street
32. The Rivers are our Thothers
33. Sunstar groove rider.
34. Meanwhile thrift store Pharmacia
35. Drink my Sun
36. River banks steer the currents
37. Pantherina cokeri Cubensis
38. Todays the day the earth went bloomington
39. Tokeen Bloem
40. Golden chariots blaze
41. MONOPOLY Everyware
42. Peace comes of communicaxion
43. Termteabell RE:volution
44. Juxtaposition without copula?
45. The Toad voodoo juice
46. The Rivers, and industry meet
47. Swimming concerned with the environment
48. Did we travel to earth as chemical code language within a star-spore?
49. A PSI Fly history
50. Fly
51. Canal renewall project
52. I remember the Rivers of california
53. Fly lekker and
54. This is the secret. Shhh
55. A Tree. A Branch
56. The TOE of Ez
57. Slippery Toad shit n’ mist
58. We are all hyperboreans!
59. With a hint of crimsun
60. Help the River flower Ackrillocrakakrash
61. Swimming the sour
62. Stour, little Stour
63. Teach your children well
64. Swimming in the Black Country
65. Mark my spitz
66. Tribetables are autofac’ing themselves into elf chemists
67. Knu Stylus brushnozzle spurting clouds of mymist!
68. Study and read the wake each day
69. Slymming in my pulpit
70. Puzzle-maze
71. The operation of bicycles
72. All words easy come easy blow
73. Ode to Toad, ode to floy
74. Sunrose over the River
75. Fisherman hook a spider
76. Swimming upstream
77. Ar bin Golden at the 2012 oilixpix
78. 1894
79. Leonardo Da Banshee
80. How can i explain these audio experiences from memory?
81. Cooking and smoking hot at Sunset tinflash
82. A Monsoon and tidal joy feast
83. Crystal ballshit gazing
84. Talking about it in short bursts
85. Liberty Caps and freedom hats
86. LiveeviL. get up with it!
87. Tao is in the dung
88. Blue thunder thumbs half notes
89. As the stars fizzle out the wind brings the Sun
90. I dream of Swimming free as salmon in local Rivers
91. Tap dancing crickets
92. Knitted rainbow garments
93. Swimming knows no grammar
94. Silver scales and gills
95. Happy holidays
96. A reci.pie for a deceptive Foreign language police-see
97. Gordon Brown texture like a straw-man
98. Baby Zeus
99. Week Nuclear powered Christmess in the Weast
100. LyfCap Museyroom
101. Imagine if apple computers were called Mushroom computers
102. Salmon and Gold rings inside post box
103. Bezerka. Ode to HER
104. Flywave
105. Birth your craftyraft
106. Termteabell technique
107. Pillowspeckled constellation
108. New years eve 1999
109. Fli-wave Steers waterwavewishing
110. Early morning animation of a nation
111. Mummble bummble hummble Gold
112. Round and round like a caged mouse
113. The supreme being of infinite stupidity and ignorance
114. Sheeple and shepherd, fences and social hedgerows
115. Reach escape velocity
116. Each wrinkle of her tongue
117. Rivers open up where my veins once were
118. Logik reason and aseed loops dispersed in all directions
119. Golden soma juice and the absence of Gold
120. Jesuspect was replaced by a stunt double
121. Drosphilia Toad’dead
122. But Why?
123. Peach flavored Mammamud-Microphilm signals
124. Phase delay echo-compression
125. Thrones. Kings. Herows and ViVillains
126. Recirculating River
127. Create a interpenetrated image
128. Yarvard Oxridge directions
129. Grow on, up and spreadsheet
130. Slanguage seems to be like an energy virus in my GUCT
131. Using just severn tea bags
132. Mold in translation
133. The new vine punch
134. Nu wyne flowing
135. Ice Birch
136. So let the Goldenbullshit Fly
137. Dead lungwaj 32 Phase Meal
138. Locull Telepathic Internet kafs
139. Dutch. Black Country. Irish?
140. Freer than wind, Ting
141. Taka Ting, something about “trees”
142. Power of Moons in runes
143. Termteabells became the clarity
144. Call me
145. Some things
146. Detonated upon cyclic Termteabell platters
147. Re:volution and direct transmission
148. I’ve been Captured and kissed
149. Silver Moon Spinning
150. The new flesh
151. A historical Ill com
152. Mapping fine network of fibers
153. Softwar and padded weapons
154. CorpseManure.
155. I-style point of view. Knu
156. Training mycelia to grow on different media
157. Looking deeper
158. Words slaving audio
159. Swimming inside a virtual seal/Calendar
160. My ‘pion is like a green River
161. Where [is] Today gone?
162. The day after 21st december
163. Lief lights reflected into Genetic-king kode
164. Fly-by day’s Fly-by
165. Vote for yourself, your friends, family and interests
166. Sucking Apple mind sap
167. Praise to the Sun
168. Crystal ball room
169. My poem Captured by police
170. Gail the travel assistant
171. Eye brew kryptoday tonight and tomorrow
172. Coming fourth by day
173. My poems red all over itself
174. Taffy went putty-colour
175. Deep blue tide
176. Turn em all over meme
177. Are we standing it?
178. Pink Dolphin whistles
179. Lift up the bulls tail and look the facts in the face.
180. Our silence
182. Perfect into your blueberry cave
183. Amrita Arousing thunder growth
184. Dyslexiconspiritor
185. Moist to touch like a Bufo Toad
186. What we sear never resides in what we say
187. My tale. with no properties omitted or isolated
188. Splicing and dicing insects with human genomes
189. Look beneath Birch trees on the hills190. World Pissing
191. Mycelium audio network
192. A web on a log fell’d from a Birch tree.
193. History of corpses and ghosts dancing,
194. To End wars start a new,
195. Be the one to experiment
196. Swimmink up nine loqc’ and chainmakers arms backstroke
197. What must it be like to be a pebble.
198. The Apocalypse has been postponed
209. Screaming aloud
200. Full of love.
201. Swimming and “STOP”
202. The Sunrose
203. Forrest television channel 7
204. The Grasshopper Flies when it wants to Fly.

30 Seals

Spore Of The Words

by Steven Pratt



BH is for Blueberry Helixirs: Sacred Helixirs and Finnegans Wake.

Sacred Helixirs and Finnegans Wake.

The Amanita Muscaria species of toadstool or mushroom has a very special role in literary and poetic History. I have spent the last ten yrs as an indepen-denting skholar and Solar Disc Jockey [saturntablist] researching this particular spreeshees and itx fascinating maxked appearance in literature from all-around the whirrled and also her suppressed phallic; “sunsol-pressed” identity [juice] within the history of relidge John > the wanker.

Taking into consideration the current war on soma people who use soma drucks and > the resulting revoloting dissconextion of mankind with the other; the sacred plant/human interface [Gaia, nature, mamma matrix most mysterious, Anna Liviixier] Eyefli jam re:presenting a theory dearly, which does not involve the obvious identiflying & “actual ingesting of the actual wet acrid sacred sacrement herself” in her coded-masked natural I Dentitea.
An alternative that drives the hologramick fragments of the entheogenetick experience into mind without law breaking; i present a KNU approach to entheogenic research and SOMA studies > anticipating a perculiar molecular poetic revolution in the thirsty minds of the entire species.

In a hazelnutshell Finnegans Wake is arguably the most entheogenic textual mapamatrix known to our tribe. Started in 1922 and published in 1939 finnish in 2311: “The Wake” appears to contain the twisted YoshiYoshi genetic kode/voices of nature; gene over meme, chordz knotted into cord’s “ply over ply” James Joyce has contacted dechoded and re:translated natures vices and elementulls into a unique divinitory device; a shammick lickaluckaslanguage. The goodbook iz the pudding which contains the non-local filling and everything outside the earths crust > according to physicist David Bloombohmshroom.

Dj fly agaric 23 ploughing Finnegans Wake with a rake of tongues looking for entheogenic themes, brews, plants, flowers, druckstore indians and “Native Amanita Muscaria” This blog iz a KNU species of ontological investigation, inspired by the text called “Animals and Psychedelics” by the brilliant Italian botanist Giorgio Samorini.

His new “Lazarus hypothesis” seems the most vivid gloss for the tripple Goddess-theme running throughout our worldwide encyclone-mythological-religious Pisstory; “Finnegans Wake” > because…. the observable biological chordial tonal harmonick relationships floating in natures chaosmos between croaking Toads, buzzing flies, Read with whoyte sprockled amrita, ohmrita, anamwrit-her; evidence cascadingdong on the human nervous system. Dawn golden metaphor for Birth, Death and Resurrection: demonstrable in nature by the intoxicated Drosphilia or [flies] witch “lick” Annalivia Muskatears, or take a bite like Alice liddel. I rekon that James Joyce would have been very interested in Samorini’s theory about the natural “sonoluminescented” world drucking itselves; and medicating all HER co-conspirators and co-connextionx = evolution through inebriation, happyness and optimizzim by eating and drinking what you damn well like!

Intoxicated and [remixed] evolution through using nothing-but [poetic] inebriation might be a legal loop-a-whirl around our current draconian laws and totalitarian governornaents who want to squash any “communion with nature” whithout barcodz, patents and stock options in (H)armaments. Therefore Finnegans Wake, in my humble opinion, is the KNU LSD!

The KNU paper Mushroom trip (poetry) > the new DMThorder flash. Spilling Neurolinguistic Correlative affinitea which removes the Frescoe suface to reveal hidden entheogens chemically time-sealed to interact with the human nervous system at critical “jumps” in evolution. FW is precisely isomorphic with the Great Tripple Goddess herself, “Rotorio” the word birth spun on a platter > intoxicating fires-in-the-head, Anna Livia Portabello: Amanita Mokshamanism. Amen.

The presence of Celtic, Egyptian, French, Eurasian, Sanskrit, Old English and Welsh to name a few languages synthesized into the wake provides a healthy base for any twentyfirst century biological, mycological, or genetic research. In fact; amongst scholars and Academics circumnavigating the information > the Wake provides an incalculable Ocixon of information; like an entire dream dictionary of the species perhaps? Lets hope that in the future Finnegans Wake by the brilliant anarchist poet James Joyce can be a bible for the poetic revolution. An intellectual revolutionary alphabetic vortexor breeding ground, a zoo; in which the mind of nature reclaims her place as mamma matrix most mysterious in the minds of the people and breaks out of the pages and into your local enviroment like Jahman(G)

The following textual gallery are a very rare and priceless collection of fossilized poems from only the first 23 pages of Finnegans Wake. With them i will signify the bugining of this neverending search for SOMA in Finnegans Wake.

Sin clearly

Disc Jockey – Fly Agaric/Acrillic 23

3. Riverrun
Whoyteboyce of Hoodie Head

4. Oaks of ald
elms leap
tete in a tub
liquor wheretwin twas
O’ you’re vine!

5. cubehouse
ivvy’s holired abbles *
mud murumd
Fillagain’s chrissormiss wake *
Agog and magog

6.barrowload of guenesis
wake him
Danu U’Dunnell’s foamous olde Dobbelin ayle
flowerwhite bodey

piddle med puddle
tarabom tarabom
Wallingstone national museaum
waterloose country
museomound free. Welsh
This way to the museyroom
Willingdone Museyroom
Prooshious x 4
(Bullsfoot! Fine!)
goldtin spurs
bog lipoleum
nayther bag nor bug
Touchole Fitz Tuomush. *
Delian alps. *
crimealine of the alps

8. sexcaliber
jillous agincourting
secred word *
damn fairy ann
twelvemile cowchooks
drink a sip, dranksup
(Bullsear! Play!)
Brum! Brum! Cumbrum!
Goat strip Finnlambs
Gambariste della porca!

9. bombshoob *
Pukkaru! Pukka Yurap!
(Bullseye! Game!)
How Copenhagen ended.
This way the museyroom.
Thon’s flash
Thon’s blowing toomcracks
potmother *
powwows in beggybaggy

muddy kissmans
maps, keys and woodpiles
nickelly nacks
muchears *
nice kettle of fruit

11. firstlings
two mounds
Nicholas Proud
likelihood *
sovereign punned *
Hush! Caution! Echoland
mujikal *
mausolime wall. Fimfim fimfim
Wheatstone’s magic lyer * [neural lyre!]
A bulbenboss surmounted upon an

12. alderman
o’brine a’bride
popeye antipop
1132 A.D
quickenshoon *
tome of Liber Lividus, (toh!)
stone pine

13. grasses the herb trinity shams lowliness
Hairyman the cornflowers
Goatstown hedges, twolips
redthorn *
Knockmaroon *
Firebugs and the Joynts have thrown up jerrybuilding
(confusium hold them!)
Pluck me while i blush
shroonk his plodsfoot
mammamuscles most mousterious *
a dragon man
marrogbones. (Cave!)
blown monk sewer?

14. weak oach
a piece of oak.
Ghinees hies good for you.
rexroom *
rawhoney ***

Mothering rue. *
alp on earwig, drukn on ild
thonthorstrok, thing mud.

16. Meades and porsons. The meandertale, aloss and again,
message in their mouths

17. littlesons
i ate the wind
wrunes for ever
the drinking
ramskin *
terracook in the muttheringpot
Gutenmorg *
rubrikredd out of the wordpress
papyr is meed of, made of
Daleth, mahomahouma
pomme full grave *
golden youths that wanted gelding [lealittlesons]
prytty pyrrique
experctungpelick! Veil, volantine, valentine *

20. keep the peacewave
Livia Noanswa?
libe we drink
whines for my wedding
Anam muck
Did ye drink me doornail?

pouch, gloves, bricket, kerchief, ring and amberulla
Ginnghis Khan
Honey was the holiest thing ever was, hive, comb and earwax
nectar cup *
Basilico’s ointment
sacred rooftree
Salmon House *

22. millioncandled eye of Tuskar
bung king
elmstree twelve urchins
Leatherbags Reynolds
tropic of copricapron
Isid, Totumcalmum
Dr tipples Vi-Cocoa
Coal’s short but we’ve plenty

23. of bog in the yard. And barley’s up again, begrained to it. *
spelling beesknees
tables by mudapplication.
bag of knicks, playing postman’s knock round the diggings
in her white of gold with a touch of ivy *
Essie Shanahan
You remember Essie in our Lunna’s Convent?
Holly Merry *
ruddyberry *
Pia de Purebelle
redminors riots
Ezekiel Irons
he’s spooring *
Portobello to float the pomeroy *
queenoveire. Arrah
Harry chap storyan grass women plethy good trout. Shakeshands.

“Bulbous bass and fragmented Vulva look broad and membrainus Apple-white

Sunlight fleece, tick

Toxicorange juices are Strained flowing pissgolden brown

Texture Like sun,

Spasm war

Luciditea in the sky with dyedmoons.

Paint your bee leaf.

Heavy Copper grasshopper sunsets scroll, dj Fly Agaric/Acrillic href=”

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