‘Muster Up Some’ and ‘New Pictures Of Plutocracy’

Muster Up Some…

…can you muster up
some good faith today
can you give the
benefit of doubt

Flyting: Selected Writings

by Steven James Pratt

Link: http://a.co/f5pSkqP

medicine for the hypersensitive
everybody on the edge-cusp
stress of language used badly
pushing on reality
how can i be the same person
exorcising the right
to be unpredictable yet
friendly sympathetic and
willing to listen
are you willing to listen?
willing to give up your time
to understand and
re-register sameness 
equal to difference
to blame yourself and
others equally but not
to dwell on what might 
have been so it clouds 
the here and now
fill in the missing parts
of every message with a 
balanced openness to 
alternative meanings
love all the people
shine bright and let the
warmth of well wishes
charge the hearts of
all humanity
love thy enemy
with a furious blessing
a bolt from the blue
a stern good luck charm
a simple nice word or two
everybody has a complex 
story hidden away
can you listen to the tale
can you overlook the 
distortions and conceits
will you share some
good faith today
and hold back the
prejudice snapping at 
the front of your head
quick to judge blame 
and smudge based on
subjective sensations
unaware of the hoodwink
acting like the center of
including the center of
other people
like a omnipotent God
of righteousness
find some good faith today
consider that you might be wrong
and they might be right 
or that a universe may exist
where both opinions hold
truth and falsehood 
and where probability informs
the discussion
bad faith and empiricism
the illusion of the totality
of meaning and worse yet
the imposition of such bad faith
in deed and action
a literal call to arms
muster up some good faith
today and launch your 
lucky charms 
help keep yourself out
from harms way
muster some
instant karma 
–steve fly
Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam. Friday 18th July, 2015. 11:54 A.M

Flyting: Selected Writings

by Steven James Pratt

Link: http://a.co/f5pSkqP

New pictures of plutocracy

…and a new movement against
wealth as associated with
minerals that reflect the stars
but hidden under the earth
pluto or hades
underworld figures
and the question of greece
and figuring a new definition
and the question of pluto
and the official definition
a planet or just another
trans-neptune object
july 15 intersection point
hail eris
–Steve Fly
Bilderdijkstraat, Amsterdam. 17th July, 2015

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